UFC on FOX 3 Conference Call Notes and Recap


The UFC held their media conference call for UFC on FOX 3 yesterday and MMASucka.com was in on the action.  The conference call was to promote UFC on FOX 3: Diaz vs. Miller which will air live on the FOX Networks on Saturday May 5.

On the call were main event fighters Nate Diaz and Jim Miller, along with co-main event fighters Josh Koscheck and Johny Hendricks.

Below are highlights from the call thanks to MMAmania.com.

Nate Diaz

  • It could work for him, could be bad for him. We’ll see.
  • I just train hard and I’m going out there to win and do whatever I can. We’ll see what happens on fight night.
  • I’m expecting a title shot if I win, that’s what I was told.
  • Maybe he’ll run around, but I don’t think that makes you much of a fighter. What’s the point?
  • I think a lot of the fights, it was stuff I had to learn. I knew some stuff, but I didn’t do it back then.
  • I didn’t plan on leaving 170. I was gonna fight guys who nobody knew and at lightweight, I was fighting guys who had big names at lightweight, so I came back down, not getting dicked around.
  •  I started fighting right after Nick. I don’t know. It’s just what happened.
  •  I didn’t bring too many people in but people started showing up. Josh Neer, Cody McKenzie and Ronda Rousey came out. There’s a lot of big names who come out and train and they help me everywhere. We’ve got my originals Jake and Gil helping out.
  • I think maybe at times I was small for 170, but I could get bigger too. I feel good at 155.
  • Ronda’s great. She has a lot of cool tricks and she’s really tough for a girl, man. I learned a lot with her. She was out here for two weeks.
  • He’s a tough fighter. He’s got some good wins and he’s fought two of the best lightweights right now. It’s gonna be a tough fight.
  • I do a lot of pro sparring and I’ve got a pretty good boxing coach. Cerrone was in there throwing punches at me so that’s what happened. It’s all about what you’re dealing with.
  • I met Frankie and he’s a really cool guy. I’d rather dodge a bullet on fighting Frankie but we’re not best friends or anything. i’d rather fight someone else.
  • Nick’s not got any real interest in fighting right now. As of now, no.

Jim Miller

  • For me, personally, I don’t really care where I’m fighting. I’m still fighting a tough, world-class opponent. It doesn’t matter if we’re fighting in Jersey or his home town. It’s an advantage not having to travel. That’s nice but when it comes down to the meat of it, it doesn’t matter.
  • I should have a decent crowd there for me and I definitely feed off the energy. If they give me a good cheer as I make my way to the Octagon, I’ll definitely get goosebumps.
  • Nate has plenty of experience. He’s fought a lot of tough guys, he fought Maynard as well in a closer fight than mine was with Gray and that’s what’s got me so excited and fired up for this fight. I’ve trained harder than I ever have for my career and feel better than I ever felt.
  • He’s got great cardio. It’s not just about wearing him down, it’s about keeping the pressure on him. If I control the fight, I’m going to win and if I let him control the fight, he’s gonna beat me. Doing things my way is how I get my hand raised. I’m ready for that impress sub or knockout finish. That’s what drives everyone inside there, the roar of the crowd if they finish somebody.
  • I’m training to be able to stop him anywhere, whether it be on the feet or on the mat. I’m gonna try my damndest to finish him. He’s a tough guy and he was only subbed years ago.
  • I’m trying to fight my fight. If he’s trying to use his length, I don’t want to do that. There are things I’m good at and I’ll try to impose in the fight. I try to not let any emotion or outside stuff get into the fight. That’s what happened to Donald and he got caught up with it. I’ve just got to go out and fight my fight basically.
  • I’m just focused on our fight and whatever happens after that, if I can win impressively, who else can they put in there? I’m just focused on fighting Nate and getting the win.
  • My nephew has been doing alright. he’s supposed to be coming back home soon now. He’s at the children’s hospital. It was originally scheduled for January 25th and there were some complications. It seems they were making headway with the health issues and hopefully by the end fo teh summer, they’ll have the transplant.
  • I just try to go out and do the things that I’m good at. I know if I’m satisfied and I’m excited about how a fight went, then 95% of the people out there are gonna be excited about it. I’m a little reckless at times and sometimes it works out for me. I just do what I’m good at and fortunately there’s a good amount of fans that like what I do.
  •  I’m a different fighter than when I fought each of them. It really doesn’t matter. They’re both very talented guys and I have a lot of respect for both of ‘em. I’m a big fan of Frankie. They’re both really good so it would be a challenge to fight either one of ‘em.
  • I’m not gonna stay on the outside. He’s got the reach advantage. I train with a lot of guys that do have a reach advantage on me and it’s about getting inside where i can land the strikes and not get jammed up. Cerrone and I, we don’t have a lot of similarities. To think it would go the same way is kinda silly.
  • My wrestling might give me an advantage. The guys who’ve been able to beat him have used their wrestling but I expect him to get better. It’s just one aspect of the game and it’s all about how I end up using it. You’ve got to use everything and fight where I have advantages. It’s gonna be a tough fight.

Josh Koscheck

  • My wrestling might give me an advantage. The guys who’ve been able to beat him have used their wrestling but I expect him to get better. It’s just one aspect of the game and it’s all about how I end up using it. You’ve got to use everything and fight where I have advantages. It’s gonna be a tough fight.
  •  I’ve got a lot of changes. I had a couple guys from San Jose helping out and a lot of new training partners that I flew out for 5-10 days. I have new striking coaches, personal time and personal attention with those types of coaches. I hired Allan Freed, a former Oklahoma State guy. I’ve got a lot of people around me and a lot of people that actually care. Those are the big changes.
  • I don’t care where the fight takes place. i just know I’m going to win. If it’ son the ground, whatever and if it’s standing, whatever.
  • It’s good to be finally after eight years to never have to travel and just stay home and do my training in Fresno. I’m at a great place. I can’t wait to fight May 5th and show I made the right decision.
  • I feel my career is gonna last a little longer than it would have. I feel I added two more years to it with less travel.
  •  I think it’s good for the sport, someone who’s been in the Octagon, knows jiu-jitsu, knows wrestling and knows the everything. I think more and more guys will do it.
  • I’m not worried about a title shot right now. I’m just worried about getting out to New Jersey, making weight and getting out there.
  • I felt like there was nobody out there at the time and nobody was in the division ready to fight me. There’s a lot of good fighters in the welterweight division that intrigue me now. There’s two champions in the division. Hopefully that pans out and gets the division in the right direction.
  • I joined AKA when I first started fighting. I’ll still have Bob Cook in my corner. He’s been coming down to Fresno. Dave Camarillo, he still comes down and trains me and I have Jasper still in my corner. I’ve got a lot of new faces but I still have old faces involved in my training.

Johny Hendricks

  • He’s a tough opponent. You don’t be number two or three in the world without being a top fighter. All you can do is train your best and prepare your best and hope you get your hand raised.
  • I don’t take anything personal. That’s what sells fights. I don’t take any of it personal.
  • One thing I’m very grateful about, I know whenever I leave, my wife is going to keep my kids happy. That’s what we fight for more than anything. Making sure they get what they want. That’s all that matters.
  • We’re both complete fighters. We both like to hit people in the face but I think this fight goes everywhere. You won’t just see a boring wrestling match and it’s gonna be a fun one for everyone. I can’t wait.
  • I think it’s cool a former fighter is judging because he’s going to know a little more about the sport. He’s going to know what the positions mean. They know what it’s like to jump in the cage and go through thsi stuff. I think he’ll be a great judge.
  • Hopefully a title shot will be soon.

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