Ronda Rousey, Champion Fighter, Beat Up Two Men That Cornered Her (Video)

Ronda Rousey, the Ultimate Fighting Championship Women’s Bantamweight champion, allegedly beat up two muscular men so badly that they attempted to file charges against her.

During a red carpet interview, UFC President Dana White told EsNewsReporting.com about the badass fight that almost got Rousey in trouble.

“Listen, this is a true story,” explained White. “[Ronda] got into a street fight with two huge guys in a movie theatre. She hurt them both so bad they went to the police department and filed charges against her, when they’re the ones that started the fight with her. That was before she started fighting. That was when she was doing judo alone.”

White’s story was prompted by the interviewer questioning whether Rousey would beat boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a fight.

“In a boxing match, Floyd beats her all day long,” said White. “In a street fight or in the Octagon, she hurts him bad. She’d take this whole line out.”

Earlier this month, Rousey herself confirmed that White’s story was true, admitting that she did beat up two guys who cornered her in a movie theater.

According to her own account, Rousey was at a screening of the movie “Juno” when a woman behind her kept pushing her from behind with her feet. Rousey apparently got agitated and eventually confronted her, but the woman did not take it well and continually rude to Rousey throughout the movie. When the film was over, Rousey claims she took the woman’s boot off of her foot and threw it across the theater while telling her to “get some manners.”

As Rousey tried to leave, two men reportedly cornered her and refused to let her leave until she retrieved the woman’s shoe. When Rousey refused, the men pushed her back, and that is when the fight broke out. Rousey proceeded to pummel both of the men, even allegedly flipping one of the men over her shoulder and on to the ground.

The men apparently went to police to press charges against Rousey, but after investigating the details of the situation, police refused to proceed.

Sources: The Blaze, Bleacher Report


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