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UFC 155 Round-by-Round Review: Todd Duffee vs. Phil De Fries

We close out the Facebook prelims with a heavyweight collision, as Todd Duffee (7-2) returns to the UFC for the first time in over two years to face Phil De Fries (9-1). The third man inside the Octagon will be Yves Lavigne.

Round 1: Both men look very intense to kick this one off, and no touch of gloves. Duffee lands a big inside leg kick and lands several knees to the body of De Fries up against the fence. Duffee has De Fries tied up, and is unloading, landing a huge uppercut. De Fries gets the takedown and Duffee works right away to get to his feet.

De Fries lands a nasty right as Duffee is unable to defend himself, and follows up with a handful of rights. Small cut above the right eye of Duffee, who is working to get out and does, holding De Fries up against the fence. Left-right combo by Duffee, and an uppercut that has De Fries wobbled. Duffee teeing off with rights and this one is all over, as De Fries drops to the ground. Seven rights and a left uppercut finished it.

Todd Duffee def. Phil De Fries via TKO (strikes) at 2:04 of Round 1

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