UFC 155 Round-by-Round Review: Tim Boetsch vs. Costa Philippou


Our third and final middleweight scrap will see Tim Boetsch (16-4) face off with Costa Philippou (11-2). Both fighters are on four-bout win streaks. Philippou replaced teammate Chris Weidman, who was forced out with an injury. Kim Winslow is the referee in charge.

Round 1: After two lackluster middleweight bouts, maybe Boetsch and Philippou can lighten things up for the final two fights. Boetsch moving forward, grabs hold of Philippou and has him up against the fence. Joe Rogan makes the comparison to the first two fights, as Boetsch gets the takedown. Philippou with a knee to the body and separates from Boetsch. As Boetsch comes in, Philippou lands an uppercut. Boetsch, however, is able to hold Philippou up against the fence to regain his composure. Boetsch gets the takedown with just over a minute to go. Quick standup by the ref and Philippou goes for it, landing a nice combo that Boetsch walks right through. Boetsch finishes the round with a front-kick, dropping Philippou.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Boetsch

Round 2: Joe Rogan said Boetsch's corner told him to fight through it, making it seem something might be broken or injured. Upon the first strike thrown, it would appear Boetsch may have suffered a broken hand. Huge right hand thrown by Boetsch, who has also thrown a pair of lefts. Cut above the head of Boetsch and blood is coming down his face. Boetsch throws an elbow with his right instead of the hand, meaning he likely does have a broken hand. Takedown attempt by Boetsch, but Philippou sprawls and gets away. Boetsch flinches as Philippou hits the right hand. Accidental poke to the eye stops the action, as a doctor is coming in to check things out. Boetsch using the front-kick, as he is unable to get a takedown. And again, Philippou sprawls off a takedown attempt. Some swelling forming around the eye of Boetsch from the poke. So, to sum up, Boetsch has likely broken his hand, been cut from an accidental head butt, and has swelling around the eye from an accident eye poke. Outside of that, Boetsch has looked pretty good. Philippou on top, landing some nice ground-and-pound as the round comes to a close.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Philippou

Round 3: Boetsch's corner asked if he wanted to stop the fight, and he replied with a four-letter word. Nice answer from a tough fighter who is struggling to see, and likely has a broken hand. Another takedown attempt misses, and Philippou pounces, landing some nice ground-and-pound that has Boetsch opened up. Blood pouring from the forehead/nose region of Boetsch, as Philippou wants the fight standing. Boetsch trying to tie Philippou up on the ground, but Philippou just wants him up and standing. Nasty hammerfist by Philippou, who unloads and this one is over.

Costa Philippou def. Tim Boetsch via TKO (strikes) at 2:11 of Round 3

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