UFC 155 Round-by-Round Review: Leonard Garcia vs. Max Holloway


A pair of exciting featherweights are up next, as Leonard Garcia (15-9-1) looks to snap a three-fight losing skid against 21-year-old Max Holloway (6-1). Kim Winslow will be the referee.

Round 1: Garcia in desperate need of a victory, but that didn't keep him from accepting Holloway as a replacement for Cody McKenzie in this fight. Kicks galore to start for Holloway, who has just an incredible reach advantage in this one. Big spinning head kick attempt misses by Garcia. Garcia catches Holloway with a right on the chin. Holloway comes right back and floors Garcia with a combo, but Garcia gets back up and comes at him. Garcia trying to get in some dirty boxing, but Holloway won't allow it. Straight left lands by Holloway. Body shot connects from Holloway, as Garcia answers back with a fluid combo. Garcia with a big right that nearly buckles Holloway, who appears to have recovered. Garcia moving his head and picking Holloway off right now. Spinning back kick to the body lands by Holloway. Left to the body, and a spinning back kick connects from Holloway. Garcia gets some dirty boxing in and really hurt Holloway it would appear as the round comes to a close.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Holloway

Round 2: Kick just misses by Holloway to the face of Garcia. Garcia doubles up on the jab attempt, and Holloway comes right back and does the same. Nice combo connects from Holloway, and another counter-kick-combo. Flying knee from Holloway is caught by Garcia, who gets the takedown with three minutes to go. Holloway quickly gets to his feet, avoiding any damage from Garcia. Greg Jackson is screaming at Garcia to relax and be patient, but he is having none of it, attacking Holloway. Holloway catches Garcia with a left, but eats a combo from Garcia. Holloway with a straight left, and Garcia fires back another combo that wobbles Holloway for a brief second. Garcia popping off some nice lefts and rights as the round comes to a close.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Garcia

Round 3: Holloway breathing deeply before the round begins, while Garcia appears in perfect shape still. Garcia with another nice combo, as his power shots have been landing since the start of the second. Holloway hitting and moving, trying to avoid any serious power punches. Heavy body shot by Garcia and the "Bad Boy" is winning this round so far through two minutes. Garcia just teeing off, throwing lefts and rights, and now Holloway answers back as the crowd gets excited. Big right lands by Holloway, but Garcia fires back with a series of shots and a takedown attempt. Garcia gets the takedown and Holloway tries for a kimura to no avail. Two minutes left and Garcia is on top of Holloway, in control but has yet to do any damage. Holloway gets up to his feet and does eat a knee, but is now up. Exchange of leg kicks, and Holloway connects with a right uppercut. A combo by Holloway, and Garcia answers. Sixty seconds left, and Holloway goes to the body with a series of shots. Another awesome exchange by these two, who are just throwing everything they have at the other. Spinning back kick by Holloway, who throws an interesting kick and works for a triangle as the round comes to an end. Garcia picks up Holloway and powerbombs him. Holloway gets up and lifts Garcia up after the match as they exchange a hug.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Garcia

Max Holloway def. Leonard Garcia via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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