UFC 154 Round-by-Round Review: Ivan Menjivar vs. Azamat Gashimov


To the bantamweight division for our next fight, as Ivan Menjivar (24-9) takes on Azamat Gashimov (7-1). Philippe Chartier will be the referee.

Round 1: Menjivar comes right in, and Gashimov is there to answer. Menjivar misses and Gashimov counters, and drops for the takedown. Gashimov gets it, and into guard. Gashimov looking to impose his will, grabbing an arm and moving into a head-triangle but Gashimov shakes it off. Menjivar with an up-kick and Gashimov answers with a right. Nice left lands by Gashimov as he remains on top of Menjivar. With one simple mistake, Menjivar grabs an arm, Gashimov tries to roll/power out of it and is unable to, as Menjivar gets the armbar submission.

Ivan Menjivar def. Azamat Gashimov via submission (armbar) at 2:44 of Round 1

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