UFC 154 Round-by-Round Review: Antonio Carvalho vs. Rodrigo Damm


We being the FX-televised four-fight prelim portion of the night at featherweight, with Canada's own Antonio Carvalho (14-5) facing Rodrigo Damm (10-5). The referee will be Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is part of Damm's corner. That "Damm" corner:) Okay, on to the action. Two right lefts by Damm, as he tries to figure out the range. Solid kick to the body by Damm. Carvalho shows his speed with a strike-kick combo. Both have thrown quite a few strikes and kicks, but little has landed. Carvalho with a kick that has caused a welt to form on Damm's left thigh. Quick jab by Damm. Another kick by Carvalho to the thigh of Damm. Carvalho throws a head-kick that misses. Perfectly-executed kick, though, and will likely cause Damm to think about it later in the fight. Pair of left jabs by Damm, and a spinning kick to the midsection of Carvalho. Damm catches Carvalho coming in with a left to the face.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Carvalho

Round 2: Silva was applying ice to the damaged thigh of Damm between rounds, and giving him instructions. Not a bad man to have in your corner. Right back to the kicks for Carvalho to start the round. Front-kick by Damm backs Carvalho up against the fence. Carvalho with another kick to the lead leg that goes unchecked by Damm. Another front-kick to the body connects, and Damm gets Carvalho to the ground. Damm hops over the body of Carvalho and to his back, but Carvalho is able to get to his feet. Much slower pace to this round, as both men seem concerned with the skills of the other. Damm with a nice kick to the leg of Carvalho as we go under a minute in the round.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Damm

Round 3: Will be interesting to see how this one is scored if it goes the distance. Neither fighter trying to engage the other. Carvalho's mouthpiece falls out and we have a brief stoppage to clean it before re-insertion. Damm looking like a man possessed, teeing off with power punches to the head of Carvalho. Damm landing at will now, and Carvalho counters with a quick right. Damm fluid with his strikes and kicks, landing multiple shots upon entering Carvalho's reach. Ninety seconds left, and Carvalho counters a left with a head-kick. Overhand-left by Carvalho, and a head-kick, as well. Damm with a flurry as we go under 20 seconds.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Damm

Antonio Carvalho def. Rodrigo Damm via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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