UFC 149 Round-by-Round Review: Roland Delorme vs. Francisco Rivera

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Roland Delorme vs. Francisco Rivera

Well, let's see what other records we can tie tonight. Up next are bantamweights Roland Delorme (8-1) and Francisco Rivera (8-2), our third U.S. vs. Canada match (for the record, it is tied 1-1). The referee will be Mario Yamasaki.

Round 1: Rivera eats a couple leg kicks and delivers a hard uppercut that buckled Delorme. No back-to-back seven-second knockouts, as we have moved into the first minute. Rivera with a loaded combo, and another uppercut that glances off face of Delorme. Straight jab by Rivera, as Delorme fires off a counter right. Series of uppercuts by Rivera, as Delorme tries for a takedown. Rivera lands another stiff strike, but Delorme still standing - somehow.

Halfway through round and Rivera has landed 29 significant strikes. Now, Rivera going to the kicks, taking Delorme's power away from him. Another nasty kick, as Rivera whips one off. Head-kick by Rivera, as he has damaged the lead-leg of Delorme. But, Delorme fres off a big right. Rivera counters back with a strike that looks to land at the back of the head, but no warning made. Delorme steps in and Rivera lands a counter-left that drops Delorme, adding insult to injury with a few strikes on the ground. Rivera walks off and this one is over.

Francisco Rivera def. Roland Delorme via knockout (strikes) at 4:19 of round one

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