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UFC 149 Round-by-Round Review: Hector Lombard vs. Tim Boetsch

Hector Lombard vs. Tim Boetsch

Our co-main event is next, as Hector Lombard (31-2-1) makes his UFC debut against Tim Boetsch (15-4) in a crucial middleweight contest. Lombard has not been defeated in his last 25 fights, in case that has been overlooked by Renan Barao's streak this week. The referee will be Josh Rosenthal. Very excited to see how Lombard performs inside the Octagon.

Round 1: No touch of gloves, and not even a glance, by Lombard as they meet for the pre-fight instructions. Boetsch with a nice kick, and another, as Lombard misses on a big right. Boetsch comes in, but Lombard stuffs the takedown attempt. Uppercut by Lombard, who has Boetsch up against the fence. Lombard takes Boetsch down, but Boetsch gets up and lands a nice shot on the way to his feet. Stiff left by Lombard connects, as Boetsch goes for another leg kick. Boetsch comes in, and Lombard loses his balance. Quick kick by Lombard, as Boetsch is not backing down from the stand-up war. Under a minute to go, and Lombard doesn't appear to have any Octagon jitters. Front-kick by Boetsch, who shoots in and gets denied by Lombard. Head-kick by Lombard, and he catches a kick by Boetsch.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Lombard

Round 2: Lombard lands a big left, but Boetsch doesn't go down. Lombard finding his range now, lands another left. Superman punch by Boetsch, and Lombard fires off a quick combo. Lombard is looking much better with his striking. Inside-leg kick by Boetsch. Lombard appears to have hurt Boetsch with a kick, and quickly follows up, landing some strikes to the head as he holds Boetsch down. The pain seemed to be a little delayed on Boetsch's part, but Lombard was quick to attack. Now, Boetsch appears to have recovered, but Lombard tries for a takedown. Boetsch wouldn't go down, and powered Lombard to the ground. Crowd restless as round comes to an end.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Lombard

Round 3: Boetsch with an inside-leg kick, as Lombard lands a stiff right. Boetsch lands a right and follows up with a knee, as Joe Rogan talks about his disappointment in Lombard's performance. It's also mentioned that Lombard did receive a sponsorship from the UFC. As you can tell, this fight has been boring, as the announcers have even given up at this point. Just over two minutes to go, and Boetsch lands some nice front kicks. Lombard with a right to the face, and Boetsch powers in on a takedown that Lombard fends off. Kick by Lombard, but it doesn't do much damage. Boetsch with a trip takedown that Lombard quickly springs up from. Lombard's corner not instructing him very much, according to Rogan. A minute to go, as more boos reign down from the crowd. Boetsch pushes through, but Lombard reverses things and drops for a takedown. Lombard gets it, but Boetsch quickly back to his feet and lands a knee to the body. Ten seconds left, and this one is going to a decision.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Boetsch

Tim Boetsch def. Hector Lombard via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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