UFC 149 Round-by-Round Review: Antonio Carvalho vs. Daniel Pineda

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Antonio Carvalho vs. Daniel Pineda

Two featherweights seek a win to boost their placement in the rankings, as Antonio Carvalho (13-5) takes on Daniel Pineda (17-8). Carvalho enters to former WWE superstar Bret "The Hitman" Hart's entrance music. The referee will be Mario Yamasaki.

Round 1: Pineda comes right out, throwing a big combo that misses. Carvalho goes to the leg kicks, landing two, one to each leg of Pineda. Carvalho catches Pineda coming in and drops him, but is unable to follow up. Carvalho with a big punch to the back that nearly floors Pineda. Great striking early by Carvalho, who drops him with a kick and follows up with some strikes that are unnecessary. Big head kick by Carvalho is what did it, as the crowd cheers in excitement.

Antonio Carvalho def. Daniel Pineda via KO (head-kick) at 1:11 of round one

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