UFC 149 Press Conference Review: Everything You May Have Missed

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The UFC held a press conference today in promotion of the impending UFC 149 fight card, which is scheduled to take place in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on July 21 at the Scotiabank Arena.

UFC president Dana White and UFC director of Canadian operations Tom Wright appeared at the presser; the following are notes and quotes from the event, which was held in Calgary.

-UFC in Canada facts: The promotion has held 8 total events in the country, drawing over 200,000 fans to host cities Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto for over 40 million in total gate revenue.

-"For the first time ever, in 2012, we're gonna hold three events in this country," says Dana White. First being Calgary, the other two will be announced by "guest stars".

-Jason MacDonald takes the podium to discuss his excitement at being on the Calgary card, revealing his intentions to retire following his fight.

-Mark Hominick joins the presser via satellite from Toronto. He reveals that the UFC will be returning to Toronto in September of this year.

-Georges St-Pierre comes in next via satellite from Los Angeles. The satellite interviews are not going smoothly. GSP reveals that the promotion will be returning to Montreal on November 17.

-The UFC will be making regular stops at Calgary, Toronto and Montreal for the next two years.

-DFW reveals that the headliner for the Calgary show will be Jose Aldo against an as yet unnamed opponent.

-White: I was working on a co-main event yesterday that would've blown people away. We'll see if I can get that done.

-GSP is hoping to headline the card in Montreal, but will be happy if he can get on any card in 2012, with his knee injury.

-The second two Canadian shows this year will fall on UFC 152 and UFC 154 and will be pay-per-view shows.

-Wright reveals that the UFC is preparing a presentation for the Vancouver athletic commission, but White doesn't see the promotion heading back to the province for the next two years.

-In response to a query about going back to Vancouver, White says, "Tweet back that UFC fans don't riot!"

-Dana White doesn't see a super heavyweight division happening anytime soon, but is open to the idea should enough good big fighters make their way to the top.

-Same story on GSP-Silva, "if the stars align" -- it's too far away to say for sure, but it's a possibility.

-Silva-Sonnen 2 will be in a soccer stadium set up to accommodate 80,000 people.

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