UFC 148 Round-by-Round Review: John Alessio vs. Shane Roller

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The FX prelims begin with lightweights Shane Roller (10-6) and John Alessio (34-15). Josh Rosenthal will be the referee.

Round 1: Alessio tries to find his distance off the bat, working to gain control of the Octagon. Roller hits a straight kick to the groin that floors Alessio, causing a bit of a delay in this one. Alessio is able to get back to his feet, as Roller goes for a takedown. Alessio pushes the pace and gains control, holding Roller up against the cage. Alessio lands a few knees, then pulls away and score a takedown as the round comes to an end.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Alessio

Round 2: Alessio looking more fluid, mixing strikes and shooting for a single-leg. He gives it up, but remains in control. Alessio and Roller go to the ground, and Roller tries to lock in a guillotine. Alessio flips himself over, and the two get back to their feet. Roller now in control, mixing blows to the body and head against a grounded Alessio. Roller with a pair of big elbows to the head. Roller takes the back as Alessio tries to get up, hooking in one leg and throwing punches to the face. Roller looking for a rear-naked choke, as he folds Alessio up on the mat. Roller begins to roll and flattens Alessio out, landing several big strikes to the face while still with a hook in. Roller unable to get the submission, and we move on to the third.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Roller

Round 3: Alessio comes out with quick, fast hands, landing an uppercut that just about drops Roller. No idea how Roller remained standing, but he did, and the two square off again in the center. Roller now with some big blows and fires in for a takedonw as Alessio tries for a front headlock-guillotine choke. Roller, instead, winds up on top and looking to control the action again. Alessio gets out and up, but Roller still has a grasp of him and keeps him against the cage. Roller gets a rear-naked choke in, but Alessio slips out. However, Roller with a body triangle now, keeping control of Alessio. Just 20 seconds left, as Roller gets an arm triangle in but Alessio slips out again and fires some strikes as the round and fight come to an end.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Roller

Shane Roller def. John Alessio via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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