UFC 147: Silva vs. Franklin II Conference Call Review

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This weekend's upcoming UFC 147: Silva vs. Franklin 2 fight card is one of the many summer fight cards that has been wracked by injuries, having gone from featuring a blockbuster headliner between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen to an uncalled for rematch between Wanderlei Silva and Rich Franklin.

Despite the lack of any matches of serious significance, the card will still be distributed as a pay-per-view at regular prices.

Today, the UFC held a conference call in promotion of the bout, featuring Silva and Franklin, as well as co-main event fighters Fabricio Werdum and Mike Russow. The following are notes and quotes from the call.

--Wanderlei's connection is a little dicey, making it difficult to hear what he's saying. He says that he's confident he and Vitor Belfort will get to fight again before too long.

--Silva discusses fighting in Brazil, how excited he is and motivating he finds it.

--Russow calls fighting in Brazil a great opportunity. He's been in Brazil for about a week to acclimate, loves the country and is excited to fight there.

--Russow says he believes he's "right up there with the top" of the division, but has battled injuries and inconsistency in his UFC career. Believes the next year will see him fight more frequently.

--Russow believes his conditioning level has consistently raised as he's gone up against better competition, and that it's at the best it ever has been going into this weekend. Also says his jiu-jitsu has been getting steadily better, especially since he trained for Jon Olav Einemo, a world-class grappler.

--Werdum thinks that a win here and maybe one more will see him fighting for the belt.

--Franklin says that he's not worried about fighting in Brazil/enemy territory. Once the cage door closes, it's just another fight.

--Franklin says not having to cut the last five pounds to make 185 helps immensely, especially having to take the fight on short notice.

--Franklin says he needs to get at least one win at middleweight before he sets his sights on Anderson Silva again.

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