UFC 146 Round-by-Round Review: Mike Brown vs. Daniel Pineda

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The first fight of the night takes place in the featherweight division, featuring former champ Mike Brown.

Round 1: Pineda slips coming after Brown with a combo. Brown keeping more calm than the aggressive Pineda, throwing less but landing more. Pineda looks a little hyper out there, but it pays off for him as he tags Brown with a pair of shots in a swarm that look to have stunned him. Brown shoots for the double and plants Pineda against the fence though. Brown loses balance and Pineda takes advantage, sweeping him and taking top position. Brown elevates him with butterfly guard and forces his way to his feet. A scramble ensues as Brown goes for the takedown, but they stay upright. A minute and a half left, both men winging punches. Pineda shoots for the takedown, but Brown uses his momentum against him and dumps him to the mat. Brown in half guard as the round winds down.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Brown

Round 2: Brown cracks Pineda with two hard punches as he comes in with a flying knee. Pineda stays in the pocket and fires right back. Pineda shoots for the takedown and promptly plants Brown on the canvas. Brown gets to his feet and slams Pineda to the mat as he tries a knee. Brown in north-south briefly before Pineda hits a nice sweep and works the front headlock position. Brown working for the single, he forces the stand up in doing so. Brown is grating Pineda against the fence, nailing him with hard right hands and knees. Pineda is just covering up. He fires back one punch and Brown lets off. Pineda pushing his punches now, looking worn out. Brown slips off of a kick, but Pineda can't capitalize; he actually falls to the mat himself and gives up top control to Brown. Brown working ground and pound; he lands a nice elbow and a volley of right hands as the round closes.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Brown

Brown got cut by an elbow from the bottom and walks to his corner bloody.

Round 3: Pineda starts off the round with a powerful right leg kick. Brown walks Pineda to the wall and drops him with a knee to the body. Brown takes top position, working from half guard. Brown feeding Pineda a steady diet of ground and pound. Pineda doing pretty well in controlling Brown's posture, though. Pineda manages to transition and take Brown's back in a deft sequence, locking up the body triangle. Less than a minute to go and Brown can't shake him, but he's staying mostly out of danger of being submitted.

FightLine scores the round 10-10

Mike Brown defeated Daniel Pineda via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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