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UFC 146 Round-by-Round Review: Junior Dos Santos vs. Frank Mir

Round 1: No glove touch once the action is underway. Dos Santos takes the outside, loading up on his right hand. Mir immediately shoots for the takedown; he tries to pull guard and take a leg, but Dos Santos defends. Mir gives him a nod and they reset on the feet. Dos Santos with a left hook and then a right to the body. Mir working kicks, staying on the outside. Dos Santos is starting to put his hands on Mir, pecking away accurately. Just over a minute to go and it's a fairly measured fight so far. Dos Santos goes hard to the body, Mir hasn't tried to get the fight down again yet. Dos Santos wobbles Mir with a left hook and start to tee off on him against the cage with ten seconds to go. Mir is hurt badly, but he foes for the takedown just before the bell. He doesn't get it, but he lasts the round.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Dos Santos

Round 2: They touch gloves to start the second. Dos Santos nails Mir with a quick right hand. Dos Santos drops Mir with a pair of punches and lets him up immediately, doesn't even try to follow him down. Mir with two left hands and a front side kick. Dos Santos pokes Mir in the eye on accident with a right hand but they keep going. Mir is coming forward, but dos Santos is timing him well and countering with hard shots. Mir hasn't tried to get the fight down in this round yet and he should be doing so with desperation. Two nice leg kicks by Mir. Another. Dos Santos drops Mir with a straight right and swarms him; as soon as Mir tries to grab hold of him he backs off. Mir has no idea what's going on and one more hammerfist from Dos Santos seals it.

Junior dos Santos defeated Frank Mir via TKO (punches) at 3:04 of round 2

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