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UFC 146 Round-by-Round Review: Diego Brandao vs. Darren Elkins

Round 1: Brandao gets off first with a left hand-leg kick combo. He overshoots on a right hand, but reverses Elkins attempt to take him down. Elkins briefly trips Brandao to the mat, but Brandao uses a kimura to work into top position. Elkins works for his own kimura from the bottom and Brandao backs off, letting him up. After some exchanges he gets the better of, Brandao runs in with a flying knee a la Jose Aldo and gets Elkins down behind it. Brandao in side control. He works for mount but then backs off and lets Elkins up again. Brandao tags Elkins with a right hook and clips him with a few more before moving into side control on the ground. Brandao busy on top, working solid ground and pound until the end.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Brandao

Round 2: Brandao is off to a slower start this round, but doesn't appear tired. He gets off a slick lunging knee to the body. Brandao is still leading this feet; he gets off with a reverse elbow, taking a page from Anderson Silva's fight against Tony Fryklund. Brandao slips on a front kick and Elkins takes top position. Brandao controls the posture well, but Elkins is getting in some shots. Brandao tries to scramble to his feet, but Elkins keeps him down. Elkins passes to half guard. Just over a minute to go. Elkins moves into full mount with just under a minute left and starts to tee off. Brandao shakes Elkins out of mount and into half guard. Brandao lasts the round.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Elkins

Round 3: Elkins coming out strong, putting the pressure on Brandao. Elkins gets the takedown in short order. Elkins in half guard, landing elbows. We hit the halfway mark and Brandao is still absorbing punishment. Elkins takes mount with about two and a half to go; Brandao recovers half guard, but Elkins is still pounding away at him. Joe Rogan puts it well when he says Elkins is just beating Brandao up at this point. Brandao sweeps with a minute to go, backs out and drops a mean right hand on Elkins. Elkins tying Brandao up; thirty seconds to go. Elkins is shutting down Brandao's offense with the rubber guard. He holds on until the end and absorbs little damage.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Elkins

Darren Elkins defeated Diego Brandao via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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