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UFC 146: Dos Santos vs. Mir Conference Call Review

Yesterday, the UFC held a conference call with some of the participants in next weekend's UFC 146: Dos Santos vs. Mir all-heavyweight fight card.

UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos and Frank Mir were on the call to discuss their main event title fight. Co-main event fighters Cain Velasquez and Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva also joined in.

UFC 146 goes down on May 26 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and will feature the promotion's first ever all-heavyweight main card, with participants like Mark Hunt and Stefan Struve, Roy Nelson and Dave Herman joining the above mentioned fighters on the card.

The following are notes and quotes from the call:

-Mir: Being counted just makes it easier, takes the pressure off your shoulders. You can relax and concentrate on the task at hand.

-Silva is weighing around 270lbs three weeks before the fight for the first time ever, credits working with Mike Dolce. Says he feels very light and fast.

-Mir says he doesn't take issue with dos Santos' comments (JDS has been saying he folds easily under pressure), isn't insecure about his manhood. Thinks the champ is just trying to stir the pot and run with the hype.

-Dos Santos: I don't promote fights by talking trash. I confirm what I said and stand by it. That's my personal opinion. I'm not a trash talker and never will be. If I said it, that's my true opinion.

-Bigfoot is disappointed he's not in the Strikeforce Grand Prix Finale and won't be able to watch since he's training, but he's rooting for Cormier.

-Mir forecasts his weight at 255 or 260 for this fight. Admits to getting obsessed with strength for awhile, but got inspired by Cain Velasquez's performance against Brock Lesnar to lay off the weights some and change his training around.

-Velasquez on dealing with losses: I'm definitely able to let it go. In wrestling, I've lost matches before. It's one of those things, you learn from it, but you don't dwell on it. I wasn't thinking that I was going to go undefeated forever in my career. He was the better fighter on that night. Right now, it's on to the next fight.

-Bigfoot made a conscious effort to come in lighter for this fight to deal with Cain Velasquez's speed and skills.

-Dos Santos says he, along with the rest of Brazil, were very sad to see Nogueira lose to Mir, but he insists that his motivation lies in defending the belt.

-Mir points out, as other fighters have recently, that most fans only know him from promos cut near fight time, which don't necessarily show him in his normal mindset.

-Mir says his cardio will be fine in a five round fight, since he was preparing to fight a "cardio machine" in Cain Velasquez and wanted to be ready to give rounds in case the main event got scratched.

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