UFC 145 Round-by-Round Review: Rory MacDonald vs. Che Mills

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Round 1: They touch gloves. MacDonald in the middle. Mills getting off with leg kicks. Mills sticks MacDonald with a hard left uppercut and MacDonald takes him down. MacDonald putting together some mean ground and pound. He moves into side control after cutting Mills up. MacDonald sets up the mounted crucifix. Mills survives, but MacDonald is holding him in side control with a minute to go, drawing more blood with ground and pound as he tries to improve position. MacDonald to full mount with thirty seconds left. A torrent of ground and pound prompts Mills to roll; MacDonald is all over him, wailing away in every position. Mills' cheekbone is busted up something mean.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for MacDonald

Round 2: Mills is lumped up, but active on the feet. MacDonald drops for the single and gets it with ease, firing off ground and pound seamlessly. MacDonald into side control immediately. Four minutes to go and Mills is in a bad way. MacDonald takes the back as Mills rolls. MacDonald teeing off with absolutely vicious ground and pound; Mills tries to survive, but the stoppage is forced in short order.

Rory MacDonald defeated Che Mills via TKO (ground and pound) at 2:20 of round 2

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