UFC 145 Round-by-Round Review: Matt Brown vs. Stephen Thompson


Round 1: They touch gloves and Thompson immediately gets off with two front leg side kicks. Brown puts his hand on the mat to prevent the head kick and goes for the takedown. Thompson shucks him off. Brown catches a kick and goes for the single leg, but Thompson defends him again. Brown again shoots for the single; Thompson defends well but is eventually swept to the mat. Brown posturing trying to throw.

Brown stacking Thompson, but Thompson showing good hip movement in defending. Thompson making space, but Brown won't let him stand. Thompson fights up anyway. Brown right on him against the cage, working knees. Thompson turns him, but Brown takes him down and takes his back. Thompson pops up, but Brown is still on him. Thompson continually defending, but Brown is on him like glue, dragging him down eventually. Brown working for a calf crank. Thompson defends and takes top position. He gets too high on Brown and is easily swept. Brown ends the round in half guard.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Brown

Round 2: Brown's made it clear he doesn't want much to do with Thompson on the feet, so let's see how Wonderboy adjusts. Thompson keeping brown at bay with kicks so far. Brown with a head kick before shooting the single. Thompson defends and gets to his feet; they engage in the clinch briefly before separating. Brown shoots for another takedown from way outside, but Thompson still can't defend.

He gets to his feet in short order though and then separates. Good leg kick for Thompson. Thompson just barely misses with a hard head kick, then hurts Brown with punch. Thompson is teeing off on a very hurt Brown. Thompson is tired too, getting taken down easily. Brown is badly hurt, he can barely get to his feet. Thompson is tired, but he's still putting the hurt on Brown. Brown runs into the cage. These two are exhausted and Brown is hurt. Brown drops Thompson with a right. He's dropping punches and improving position with a minute to go. Brown with some mean short elbows, one of them cuts Thompson wide open. Brown stacking Thompson, pounding him with right hands. Brown ends the round in side control, pounding away at a badly bleeding Thompson.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Brown

Round 3: Thompson is cut up headed into the last round and Brown is on him early, backing him to the cage with strikes. Thompson's legs are dead and he has little zip on his kicks. He falls after throwing a kick. Thompson hanging in there and getting in some good punches though. Thompson with a three-piece. Brown is being Brown, dogging after Thompson, but Thompson is nailing him now. Brown gets stung and goes for the takedown, putting Thompson down easily. Thompson gets up quickly. Thompson with a one-two-three. Brown doing work from the clinch, sweeps Thompson with a kick. He follows Thompson down and stacks him, passing to side control quickly. Brown busting up Thompson's face now, forcing the blood to flow. Brown looking for the mounted crucifix; he gets it. Brown sets up the mounted triangle from that position, and starts pounding away with his left hand. Tough fight for Thompson, who ends the fight a bloody mess.

FightLine scores the round 10-9 for Brown

Matt Brown defeated Stephen Thompson via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

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