UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit Pre-Fight Press Conference Notes, Quotes

UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit goes down this Saturday night from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit will meet in the main event to dispute the interim welterweight title in Georges St-Pierre's absence. In supporting bouts, heavyweights Fabricio Werdum and Roy Nelson will tangle, and Josh Koscheck will meet Mike Pierce in a welterweight tilt.

Today, a press conference was held in promotion of the bout featuring those fighters and UFC president Dana White. Notes and quotes from the event are below.

-Hey! The winner of Diaz vs. Condit will get a new motorcycle from Harley. Sweet.

-Nick Diaz on Carlos Condit: "I think he's more of a dangerous fighter. You're more in danger of losing a decision to Georges St-Pierre. I think you're more in danger of losing your teeth if you're fighting Condit here."

-Nick Diaz on the promotion of this fight focusing on a possible Diaz-GSP fight and not Carlos Condit: "It makes me sick. This is Carlos' time to be here and be a part of this main event. Half of this show was built up around me fighting Georges St-Pierre. But, I'm fighting Carlos Condit. I don't like it."

-Joe Silva was the main reason Werdum was brought back to the UFC before the rest of the Strikeforce heavyweights.

-Koscheck was open to fighting Maia last weekend and still fighting this weekend. Dana White says he doesn't understand how he's booed so often when he always steps up to take fights like that. But, he still wouldn't have signed off on Koscheck-Maia under those circumstances.

-DFW not interested in Jon Jones competing at heavyweight this year, but he does see it happening eventually.

-Diaz says the increased media attention during this week is more physically taxing than mentally, but he's not too affected by it.

-Neither Koscheck or Pierce are paying much attention to the welterweight trio of GSP, Diaz and Condit -- they're just focused on each other.

-White agrees that the extra media duties fighters have to go through is definitely taxing, but thinks Diaz is getting in the groove.

-Werdum says he's very happy to be back in the UFC. Wants to prove he's a great fighter this Saturday and thanks Dana for the opportunity.

-Koscheck isn't paying any attention to his teammates' recent losses (Cain Velasquez, Jon Fitch), only focused on "Team Me".

-Nelson is very happy that the Strikeforce heavyweights have been included on the UFC roster. Thinks he has his hands full in Werdum, whom he believes beat Alistair Overeem in the standing department.

-Diaz says he doesn't mind the extra press or media people following him around as long as it's done right. Says he's happy with the way that the Primetime show came out and how he was portrayed.

-Nick Diaz on he and Nate being UFC champions simultaneously: "Yeah, that's what we're working towards. That's the idea."

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