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UFC 133 Bonus Breakdown: Brian Ebersole Gets $70K

In a fight featuring crazy shorts, weird chest hair and over 120 professional fights between the two competitors, Brian Ebersole and his arrow chest hair came out victorious in a bout that featured two of the more seasoned fighters in the UFC. Ebersole came into the competition having fought 63 times prior and not fighting in the States since 2007. He defeated Dennis Hallman via TKO due to elbows 4:28 into the first round. The victory was Ebersole’s 48th overall and also earned him a $70K from UFC President Dana White for “getting those  awful shorts off of TV as soon as possible.”

Ebersole found himself in trouble early after the gifted grappler Hallman, sporting blue-speedo shorts for the fight, secured an early takedown and was able to get back mount on the 30 year old veteran, looking to sink in a rear-naked choke.

Ebersole was able to get out of the bad position, gaining top control and looking to punish Hallman with ground and pound, landing several elbows and hammerfists, dazing the Washington native. Ebersole was able to end the fight with a well placed elbow that made Hallman go limp, forcing the referee to step in and stop the fight.

Ebersole extended his overall winning streak to 9 fights and has won his first two inside of the Octagon.

Ebersole also made a plea with Joe Rogan during his post fight interview for a chance to appear on NBC’s Fear Factor, which Joe Rogan will be hosting once again, making a case for an all-UFC cast for one show, with Rogan telling him he would “put in a good word.”

One thing is for certain, Ebersole would be a colorful character for the show.

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