MMA Analysis: 5 Observations From UFC 131

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Like many of you I elected to catch this past Saturday night’s UFC 131 PPV with a group of friends at a watching party.  Amidst the downing of beer, barbecue and Crown Royale we managed to stay sober enough to catch the main card.  Below, some observations from the night of fights.

5.  You have to give mad respect to the UFC for continuing to push the boundaries of online media.  After going fans a great service by streaming the typically dark preliminary fights of the night on Facebook the UFC took it a step further this go around with a live YouTube stream on their page.  You can bitch all you want about the cost of being an MMA fan keeps going up with the abundance of PPV cards, but at least fight fans get thrown a small bone by the promotion.  However, I have to say that I was not on board with the UFC disabling the embedding code for the stream.  Not exactly sure why they would want to keep it confined to their YouTube page rather than let the stream go viral and hit a larger number of potential viewers.  Perhaps doing so would skew the view numbers, or maybe, the UFC just doesn’t want to allow online sites (like us!) to benefit from the traffic.

4.  Ok, I admit it, Sam Stout’s one-punch KO of Yves Edward was pretty damn impressive.  Impressive in a whole, “Holy sh*t! I think Edwards may be dead!” sort of way.  I think Edwards is a beast in the Octagon but damn if Stout’s left hook to the chin not become on the most repeated highlight reel since Anthony Pettis’ “cage kick.”

3.  I don’t care what you say, the fact that Dave Herman and Jon Olav Einemo was the $70,000 “Fight of the Night” bonus is complete B.S.  Granted the fight was a slugfest, but it was a sloppy slugfest.  Hell, I have seen Toughman competitions with more technical acumen in the ring.  Let’s be honest, the Mark Munoz – Damian Maia fights should have gotten “Fight of the Night” honors.  Not only was it a fun little slugfest, but the technical aspects of their battle was better than Herman or Einemo.  I’m not trying to sh*t on wither Herman or Einemo.  Hell, they both could possibly make some noise in the rather top-heavy UFC heavyweight division, but they probably should have been relegated to the prelim portion of the card.  It’s never good when one of the night’s partygoers asked if they were showing the fight in slow motion. 

2.  Many people are praising Kenny Florian’s featherweight debut as the start of something magical.  To quote Harvey Keitel’s The Wolfe in Pulp Fiction, “Well, let’s not start sucking each other’s d**** quite yet.”  Granted, Florian was impressive in dropping to a weight ten pounds lower than he is accustomed to cutting, but he was far from a flyweight wrecking machine.  Not that Diego Nunes didn’t show great heart, guts, and determination but you kind of expected more out of Florian against such an unheralded opponent.  Then again, maybe Nunes shouldn’t have been unheralded to begin with.  Yet I digress.  Personally, I was at times perplexed at “KenFlo’s” game plan but I do give him credit for doing the damn thang as the cool kids say.  However, I do not think he is ready to face Aldo.  In my not so humble opinion, Aldo would destroy Florian. 

1.  I’m not going to lie, initially I though Junior Dos Santos screwed the pooch by failing to stop Shane Carwin in their fight.  Especially, when Carwin’s lack of head movement provided an ample target for JDS to beat in like a speed bag.  But upon further review and analysis, I think that JDS was smart in not going to balls out on Carwin and risking getting KTFO by one of Carwin’s night-ending punches.  I’m not going to say that Carwin was exposed in his fight, simply that he needs to work on a few things if he hopes to again fight for the title.  As for Dos Santos, what more can you say?  The guy can bang, has great boxing for an MMA fighter, and even was able to score some takedowns on Carwin.  JDS is going to be a force in the heavyweight division, but, I personally think that Cain Velasquez beats him convincingly when they finally meet up.


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