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UFC 124 Play By Play And Results

Main Bouts:

Josh Koscheck vs. Georges St. Pierre (UFC Welterweight Champion)


GSP gets a quick takedown. Koscheck is back up on his feet within a few moments. GSP is punching with steady 1-2 combos. GSP goes for another takedown and gets clocked for trying. GSP is working the jab. Koscheck wings a right hand that glances off GSP's head. He lands his own combo a few seconds later. GSP is hammering him with punches from all angles, keeping his distance. A head kick lands as Josh checks his chin for damage. GSP escapes to land outside shots each time Koscheck comes in. Koscheck rushes in for a takedown. He won't give up and finally gets it with 15 seconds left. He doesn't have much time to do anything.


GSP starts off jabbing again and lands a leg kick. GSP is working boxing and leg kicks exclusively. Koscheck is leaning in every time he thorws. He's leaving his hands down way too much, and GSP is making him pay. At the same time he's tenderizing his legs with kicks. Finally GSP gets caught with a decent combo, but he keeps coming at Koscheck. GSP goes for the superman punch for the second time in the round. He's getting a little flashy. GSP lands a really hard right and follows with a nice combo. GSP is mixing it up well, but Koscheck catches him with an uppercut. GSP slows down a little. GSP establishes the outside jab. He lands a nice right at the end of the round. 


Both guys trade jabs early. GSP lands a nice overhand right. Koscheck tries more jabs and seems to be connecting more this round. GSP goes for another takedown and gets stuffed. GSP presses Koscheck up against the fence and goes to work with knees. He drops down to try another takedown and can't get it. Both fighters get their distance and go back to boxing. GSP is really going to work with the jab on Koscheck's eye. GSP forces him back up against the cage again. GSP lands a huge inside leg kick and follows with punches. GSP lands another smashing leg kick. Koscheck is looking really awkward as GSP bounces around him and kicks and punches him at will. GSP's constant jab is winning the fight for him. His leg kicks are getting mixed in perfectly. 


Both guys trade punches for a while, then GSP goes to his kicks. GSP manages a quick take down and almost gets Koscheck's back. Instead, Koscheck scrambles out and up to his feet.GSP keeps him on the fence and uses his Muay Thai. Herb Dean breaks them. GSP is landing well, changing levels and landing a good mix of kicks and punches. GSP lands another hard leg kick. GSP jabs away, lands a 1-2, goes for a head kick. It's not looking good for Koscheck.


GSP goes right back to the jab and is out boxing Koscheck from the jump. Koscheck wings a wild right and misses. GSP goes back to the jab. He lands a mean left hook after another hard inside leg kick. Koscheck misses wild again and GSP nails him with a right. GSP  moves in with punches, ducks down for a takedown, and gets nowhere. GSP leans on Koscheck against the fence and finally does secure the takedown. Koscheck gets backed up and dumped on his head again. Koscheck gets back up again, but he has nothing left. 

Unanimous Decision For GSP: 50-45 x3

Stefan Struve vs. Sean McCorkle


Struve lands a huge right hand early, but McCorkle slams him to the mat. He gets the Kimura locked up on Struve's left arm. Struve wiggles his way out. He misses a chance to escape and McCorkle starts blasting him with ground and pound. Struve has an arm bar hold, but he escapes and goes back to throwing bombs from the top. Struve hits him with a shot from his back and follows with an elbow. Struve reverses right into mount and unloads with punches and elbows. Yves Lavigne steps in and stops the fight. McCorkle's nose is leaking badly. Struve gets the TKO at 3:55 of the first.

Thiago Alves vs. John Howard


Alves lands the first strike, a leg kick, and he follows up with a right hand and more slugging. Howard responds with a few shots of his own, but he's overwhelmed. Alves throws him to the ground and starts pounding him with shots. Howard scrambles up to his feet after trying a heel hook. Howard lands a 1-2 and leg kick. Alves throws a kick back. Howard tees off again and pays for it. He gets his distance again and starts throwing more leg kicks. Howard is looking completely outclassed as he gets clocked with a huge leg kick and a series of follow up combos. Alves is outlanding Howard nearly 2 to 1. Howard catches a leg kick and throws one of his own. He grapples with Alves against the fence but can't do anything with it. Howard gets backed up with more punches and nearly takes a kick to the face. Both guys get into a huge slugfest at the center of the cage at the end of the round. Howard hobbles back to his corner with a bad wheel. 


The round starts with more slugging. Howard is keeping more distance. When he gets close he's picking his shots better. He lands a 1-2 and a body kick just under 4 minutes. He takes advantage of the mistakes of Alves and looks much better this round. Alves is left to leg kicks as his best defense. Howard just misses getting caught with a huge head kick. Alves storms in moments later and scores a nice takedown. Howard tries to get out but can't get anywhere. Alves maintains control on top. He even helps Howard up. 


Alves comes out with huge leg kicks again. Howard lands a hard body kick only to get kicked in the knee again. Howard moves in with punches and gets jabbed a few times before going for a single leg takedown. He can't get it, so he backs up. He gets clocked moving away and can't seem to win any toe to toe exchanges. A jab and a leg kick lands for Howard, but he's not being aggressive enough. His corner is yelling at him to "leave it in the cage." He bulls forward and throws more punches only to get caught by one of Alves' right hands, dropping him briefly to the mat. He gets right back up and goes to war again in the middle of the cage. Alves just keeps tenderizing Howard's leg. With a minute and a half left, Howard looks like he has nothing left. He still unloads on Alves, landing nothing that stops the forward movement from his opponent. Alves explodes with a body kick and a leg kick. He ends the round as if he's the one who needs the knockout win. Howard is glad this one's over.

30-27 Unanimous Decision across the board for Alves. 

Jim Miller vs. Charles Oliveira


Miller comes out throwing hands. Charles goes for the kicks to the head and body to no avail. Miller gets the takedown with Oliveira wrapped around his neck. Miller stays away from the submission moves. While trying to scramble away from a leg lock submission Miller secures his own. The fight's over at 1:59 of the first. Oliveira tapped. 

Joe Stevenson vs Mac Danzig


Danzig circles at a distance, Stevenson is over anxious. Neither guy is landing much. They trade keg kicks. Joe starts to pick up the punching pace. He gets caught in a Muay Thai clinch briefly and takes a knee to the chest. He makes Danzig pay moments later with some incredible punching. Out of nowhere Danzig lands the knockout blow. It was a left hook landed on the point of the chin. The stoppage comes at 1:54 of the first.

Preliminary Bouts:

John Makdessi Defeated Pat Audinwood via Unanimous Decision(30,27,30-27, 30-26)

Ricardo Almeida Defeated TJ Grant via Unanimous Decision (30-27, All Three Judges)

Sean Pierson Defeated Matt Riddle via Unanimous Decision (30-27, All Three Judges)

Jesse Bongfeldt vs. Rafael Natal Draw (30-30, All Three Judges)

Dustin Hazelett vs. Mark Bocek

Bocek works a trip takedown against the fence. Hazelett moves right to rubber guard, but Bocek breaks his posture. Bocek passes to mount and works it into a triangle choke from the top. Bocek rolls it over and elbows Hazelett in the head. Hazelett tries to scramble out, but Bocek gets control of his arm. He yanks the arm while pulling down on the head to get the tap at 2:33 of the first round.

Dan Miller vs. Joe Doerksen


Doerksen is swinging for the fences early. Miller gets the takedown. Doerksen tries to stand up and almost gets caught in a guillotine. Doerksen is slugging well from the bottom, but he can’t seem to work out from under Miller. Doerksen lands a great upkick as Miller tries to reposition himself. Miller starts landing his own bombs from the top. He drops hammer fists and elbows as Doerksen tries to keep his arms tied up. Miller explodes a little more at the end of the round, but he can’t seem to really hurt Doerksen.  


Back on the feet Miller lands a great left hand, but on the takedown attempt he gets reversed. Doerksen stands momentarily and drops some huge shots on Miller. Doerksen jumps back on top and gets caught in Miller’s guard. Miller almost gets a triangle choke, works his way to a standing position and then gets his own takedown immediately. He begins to work the ground and pound. Doerksen gets a Kimura hold. Miller won’t let him take it. He squirms out. Miller continues to work to smother Doerksen with ground and pound. He narrowly avoids an upkick trying to reset his position. The round ends with Miller on top, but he goes back to his corner red-faced and bleeding from Doerksen’s defensive punching off the back. 


Doerksen goes for a right and gets clipped with a looping uppercut. He lands his next right hand, and Miller jumps in and gets the takedown. Doerksen’s nose opens up like a faucet. Miller continues the ground and pound with his head in Doerksen’s chest. Doerksen can’t do much but throw weak elbows. Miller is not staying very active, either. He lets Doerksen drag himself over to the fence. Miller won’t let him turn over. He unloads with right hands with Doerksen on his side against the cage. Doerksen pushes back off the cage and Miller just keeps tenderizing him up to the bell. 

Split Decision For Miller: 29-28 twice, 28-29 (Whoever would give this fight to Doerksen is one of those judges Joe Rogan likes to go off about)

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