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UFC 124: Georges St. Pierre Beats Josh Koscheck with Ease

Georges St. Pierre promised that he would slowly but efficiently tear Josh Koscheck apart at UFC 124 on Saturday night, and by the time the final bell rang, he had made good on his word.

In front of a packed crowd at Bell Centre eagerly anticipating the main event, St. Pierre pulled out a well-fought, much-deserved unanimous victory

Things didn’t go Koscheck’s way from the get go. After a strong jab by St. Pierre late in the first round, the much scrutinized fighter had to go the remainder of the bout with one eye nearly completely closed. Towards the final four rounds, Koscheck practically had to beg referee Herb Dean to let him keep fighting this match to the end.

Despite his opponent’s valiant effort, St. Pierre got a unanimous nod from the judges 50-45 for his eighth straight win. With the victory, he pushed his UFC record for consecutive round victories to 30, dating all the way back to his 2007 win over Koscheck.

Several times in the fight it looked like St. Pierre was going to be able to end the match early. However, despite some solid takedowns, Koscheck always somehow managed to hop back on his feet.

Prior to the fight, a heavy and healthy dose of trash talking came from Koscheck’s side. When it was all said and done, though, both men embraced at the center of the ring with St. Pierre crediting Koscheck with hyping up the fight and Koscheck praising St. Pierre for his fighting spirit.


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