UFC 121: Cain Velasquez Upsets Brock Lesnar

In one of the biggest Mixed Martial Arts upsets in recent memory, Cain Velasquez defeated Brock Lesnar at UFC 121.

From the get-go, Velasquez looked ready to shine. Knowing the UFC was counting on him for a great showing after heavy promotional campaign with the Hispanic market, he showed Lesnar he was not intimidated. He came out to a roar from the crowd -- compared to a very mixed reaction directed at the sometimes-loveable, usually hated heavyweight champion.

As the first round kicked off, Lesnar went right for his opponent in hopes of finding a weakness. Velasquez responded with a fury of punches in mid-charge. After a quick take-down by Lesnar, Velasquez pounced back on his feet and busted open the champ’s face with a powerful shot.

Now on the offensive, Velasquez took Lesnar down and threw a few punches to the side of his head. As Lesnar quickly got up and attempted to regain his composure, Velasquez got him with a huge punch. Dazed, Lesnar was left vulnerable to Velasquez’s big knee and a set of hits that ultimately looked like they would end the match.

Then, surprisingly, Lesnar pushed Velasquez off him. Lesnar stood up only to collapse back down without Velasquez even touching him.

Boom. Referee Herb Dean steps in, fight over.

The crowd erupted, giving proper due to the new champion.


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