Review of UFC 114


This was the worst pay-per-view main event ever. I’m basing that off the hype and what was expected. You guys might be saying, “What about Anderson Silva’s last fight?” Nope. I remember it and it’s exactly what I thought it’d be. This fight however promised so much more. Rashad Evans doesn’t deserve a title shot as far as I’m concerned. He is exactly what Rampage said he was, an athlete and not a fighter. I should’ve known what to expect, however, because Rashad is a Greg Jackson student, and all they do is blanket their opponents. My mistake. I’ll remember from now on. I just expected more. When you say you bought your opponent a Snuggie to keep him warm when you put him to sleep I expect you to at least TRY to actually fight. Just disappointing.

Now, as for my picks, it was not a good night. I’m sure everyone did bad though. This card was full of upsets. It was the first time I went sub-.500. Going 5-6 brings my overall record to a still respectable 49-34. Oh well. I get a chance to redeem myself in just two weeks. Let’s see what I did right and what I did wrong…


Middleweight bout: Ryan Jensen vs. Jesse Forbes

My Pick: Forbes, Round 3, Decision
What Happened: Jensen, Round 1, Submission

The hands were flying early in this one. Forbes had the advantage after knocking Jensen to the mat with a nice left hand shot. He went looking for a Rear Naked Choke but Jensen manage to fight it off and get back to his feet. Then he jumped on Forbes and sunk in a guillotine and forced Forbes to tap 66 seconds into the fight. Forbes just made a mistake and got caught. He shouldn’t have gone to the ground looking for a submission though. He had a distinct advantage on his feet. Poor judgement or bad coaching.

Lightweight bout: Aaron Riley vs. Joe Brammer

My Pick: Riley, Round 2, Submission
What Happened: Riley, Round 3, Unanimous Decision

These two were pretty evenly matched. They traded some shots but Riley was just quicker on the draw and even got some late takedowns to cement the judges decision. I thought he’d be able to work a submission in one of those takedowns but Brammer has a pretty decent guard. The fight was actually closer than the 30-27 scorecard though. Brammer has lost two straight and might not have a job Monday morning.

Light Heavyweight bout: Luiz Cane vs. Cyrille Diabaté

My Pick: Cane, Round 3, Decision
What Happened:Diabaté, Round 1, TKO

My, how the once promising fighter has fallen. It may have been an early stoppage, but it didn’t look like Cane was going to be able to recover. Cane did rock Cyrille early but he let him off the hook and then had to be defensive, not his strong suit. Back to back TKO losses is not good for Cane. It will be interesting to see if Dana cuts him. He does have talent but he just isn’t putting it all together.

Lightweight bout: Melvin Guillard vs. Waylon Lowe

My Pick:Guillard, Round 1, KO
What Happened:Guillard, Round 1, TKO

Yeah, I called this pretty much perfect. Lowe kept trying to go in for takedowns but kept eating knees and punches doing so. And that knee that finally ended it was pretty vicious. I don’t know why Yves Lavigne didn’t call it there, but Guillard went in and dropped a few more shots for good measure. Guillard has now won 5 of his last 6 and has emerged as one of the front runners to get a title shot. However, he wants to fight Jeremy Stephens first. I’m all for that.


Lightweight bout: Efrain Escudero vs. Dan Lauzon

My Pick:Escudero, Round 1, TKO
What Happened:Escudero, Round 3, Unanimous Decision

Lauzon needs to work on his cardio. His brother was worried about it, and rightfully so. He looked pretty good in the first two rounds but he was completely gassed in the third. Not so for Escudero. He pretty much looked the same in the third as when the fight started. I felt Escudero could’ve ended it in the first but he never threw an uppercut when he was in close. Strange. I’m sure he’ll look at some tape and fix that. Could’ve been a great knockout.

Welterweight bout: Amir Sadollah vs. Dong Hyun Kim

My Pick:Sadollah, Round 3, Decision
What Happened: Kim, Round 3, Decision

Wow. I thought Sadollah had better takedown defense than that. If he could’ve stopped just half of DHK’s takedowns he might’ve been able to land some shots to put Kim away. He didn’t and Kim decided to use his Judo and dominate Amir on the ground. If DHK improves his striking he could be a real contender in this division. But, it’s like they say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.


Welterweight bout: Diego Sanchez vs. John Hathaway

My Pick: Sanchez, Round 2, Submission
What Happened: Hathaway, Round 3, Decision

Upset. Not the biggest upset on the card though. Still, how many people had Hathaway winning? Not many, but all he did was dominate the fight. I said Sanchez fights better at 170lbs, but the problem is so do the other fighters. He’s not a large welterweight so he will have trouble fighting guys like Hathaway. Dana thinks Diego should drop back down to lightweight. If he can somehow hover around the 165-170lb walking-around-weight area then I’d be all for it. For some reason he can’t and that’s why he has to cut so much weight in order to make 155 pounds. He needs to figure something out. Back to back crushing losses is not what he had in mind.

Light Heavyweight bout: Antônio Rogério Nogueira vs. Jason Brilz

My Pick:Nogueira, Round 2, KO
What Happened:Nogueira, Round 3, Split Decision

Someone call the cops! Brilz just got robbed! Seriously. That was one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen. Something needs to be done about these horrible MMA judges. It seems like every event there is a suspect decision. Brilz almost ended Nogueira’s night in the second, of all things, with submission. Crazy. The first round was close, but I think Brilz won that also. So even if you gave Nogueira that last round, he still lost 29-28. Don’t know what to say other than fire all three of those judges.

Heavyweight bout: Todd Duffee vs. Mike Russow

My Pick:Duffee, Round 1, TKO
What Happened:Russow, Round 3, KO

What. Just. Happened. Upset of the year? So far I’d say so. Duffee landed some shots that should have ended the fight, they just didn’t. I haven’t seen a chin like Russow’s since “Cabbage.” This fight was dominated by Duffee. If you didn’t see it I can’t express it in words. Then, out of nowhere, Russow lands a shot right on the button and puts out Duffee’s lights. The shot didn’t look at all powerful enough to fell the giant. But it was placed perfectly. Done and done. Definitely worth “Knockout of the Night.”

Middleweight bout: Michael Bisping vs. Dan Miller

My Pick:Bisping, Round 3, Decision
What Happened:Bisping, Round 3, Decision

Second fight I called perfectly. I knew no one would be able to finish this fight. And Bisping did exactly as I thought he’d do. He circled and landed some shots and circled again. Dan did get some shots in but this was all about Bisping and his gameplan. Bisping said he wanted to finish Miller but he just didn’t have the opportunity. It’s his style of fighting that makes it hard for him to finish people, but it does get him some wins. Not the most exciting fight but a good win for the TUF alum.

Light Heavyweight bout: Quinton Jackson vs. Rashad Evans

My Pick: Jackson, Round 2, MDK
What Happened: Evans, Round 3, Unanimous Decision

Like I said in the intro, this was the worst main event fight I’ve ever seen. You can’t, as a man, talk all that trash and then perform like Rashad Evans did. I know you fight to win, but where was the pride? Rashad obviously doesn’t have any. He’s not a fighter. He’s a great athlete. All he did was out wrestle Rampage. That would be all good if this were a wrestling match. Like Rampage said, Rashad is all talk. To quote Jay-Z, “he wouldn’t bust a grape in a food fight.” Something needs to be done about the scoring system. They put too much emphasis on takedowns and it makes for boring fights. I never really like Rashad and now I’ll never purchase a PPV he’s headlining to watch him. At least try to finish your opponent. Hopefully Rampage gets a rematch. Seriously, I don’t know what else to say. I can’t respect that performance. Rampage came to fight and Rashad came to wrestle.


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