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UCLA’s Jordan Adams Talks About the Time Bruce Pearl Sent Him a Groupie

UCLA-bound small forward Jordan Adams was one of the more highly-touted recruits from the 2012 class. According to ESPN, the Oak Hill Academy star is the 50th ranked prospect in the nation and should go a long ways in sprucing up the what we can only hope will be a Ben Howland-less Bruins squad.

Recently, he sat down with the folks from Recruiting Spotlightand gave an interview on the good and bad of recruiting. Hilariously, towards the end of the interview, he seemingly in passing dropped a bomb about former Tennessee head coach Bruce Pearl sending him a groupie while trying to recruit him. It’s funny mostly because it confirms that Pearl is every bit as sleazy as we always assumed he was, and because of how matter-of-factly Adams accepted the gesture as just another cool thing about recruiting.

As per Recruiting Spotlight:

Do you have any funny or interesting recruiting stories?

[Laughing] Yeah, well, he’s fired now, so… we had a game [during the high school season] and there was this girl, she was beautiful. She came up to me and started talking to me and told me she went to Tennessee. She said Bruce Pearl sent her. I kind of knew she was kind of a groupie, but she was just so beautiful I just had to talk to her… I had to talk to her, she was beautiful.


(Kudos to Deadspin for the find)

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