UC Santa Barbara Fan Confronts Univ. of Hawaii Coach (Video)


University of California, Santa Barbara was playing the University of Hawaii last night when a fan confronted one of the college basketball coaches.

Hypervocal.com reports that University of Hawaii coach Gib Arnold disputed a foul call, prompting an unidentified man to come out of the bleachers and onto the court (video below).

The fan got in Coach Arnold's face until University of Hawaii players Christian Standhardinger and Garrett Nevels pushed him away.

The fan motioned for the players to fight him but then quickly ran off the court.

The fan, who turned out to be a Santa Barbara student, was taken out of the basketball arena by security guards.

“The student will obviously face legal action,” Santa Barbara athletic department spokesman Bill Mahoney told the Associated Press. “He will also be subject to action from a judicial review board through UCSB student affairs ... I can’t speculate on the penalties.”

Sources: Associated Press and Hypervocal.com


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