Is Chiefs' Tyson Jackson a Bust?


Not too long ago, the fine folks at ESPN Scouts Inc referred to Tyson Jackson’s rookie season with the Kansas City Chiefs as an “all-around awful” year. There isn’t much wiggle room there. Sounds like it’s safe to say that he sucked.

But, he was the No. 3-overall pick in last year’s draft, so he’ll most likely bounce back and show why the everyone thought so highly of him, right? Not so. According to Kent Babb of, Jackson has had a “poor camp” and is in danger of losing his starting job.

“I wld guess Jax based on his poor camp, but it’d be odd to have two undersized DEs in the 3-4 @captainmcinnis: Who loses job, Dorsey or Jax?,” Babb answers in a tweet.

It sounds like Jackson is already headed for bust status.

But, there is something even more telling in that tweet. The person who asked the question asked whether the guy to lose his job would be Jackson or his former teammate at LSU and No. 5-overall pick in 2008, Glenn Dorsey. It would make sense to us then to infer that Dorsey is stinking up the joint too.

Let’s do some math. Dorsey signed a five-year, $51 million deal with $22 million in guarantees in 2008. In August of 2009, Jackson signed a five-year deal worth $57 million, with $31 million guaranteed.


That’s $53 million guaranteed to what looks like two bums. Carl Peterson had his fingerprints on the Dorsey selection, but Scott Pioli chipped in to the disaster by selecting Jackson. If Eric Berry is a trainwreck too, then someone has some ‘splainin’ to do.

But, before we rail on these guys too much. It’s very possible that they just aren’t cut out to be 3-4 ends. Maybe they are better suited to be tackles in a 4-3 system. We would have to think that if the Chiefs finally do cut bait with one or both of them that someone in a 4-3 will take a low-risk chance on them.


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