MMA Analysis: Tyson Griffin Proves Himself in Featherweight Debut


When the going gets tough, why not bully the smaller guys? Recently UFC Lightweights suffering from a very locked and loaded division full of about 15 top contenders have decided to drop weight and chase the UFC brass in the featherweight division. With the champion suffering many injuries and no clear-cut #2 challenger, a perfect slate is available for high-caliber lightweights to cut a little more weight and succeed.

Florian, Stevenson, Roop, Diaz, Stann, and Tyson Griffin have now all dropped in weight, and even more fighters like Clay Guida are hinting at the move as well. Weight class moves have always created a nice buzz on UFC fight cards and I am sure with the addition of the 125 flyweight class we will see an even larger mix of guys chasing multiple belts.

Griffin used his movement and quick striking to nullify the tools on Manny Gamburyan this past Sunday night UFC Live: Kongo vs. Barry. Besides some nice judo throws and takedowns from Gamburyan he was mostly frustrated and missing strikes on his way to a unanimous decision loss. The hurdle is now behind him and he can look forward to his newfound challenges and upcoming potential fights.

Where ever he goes from here fans can rejoice that the veterans of the UFC are still finding ways to win when it matters the most, and can only look forward to the motivation of fighters to try new things opening up endless matchups for our viewing pleasure.

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