Tyrone Pearson: Not Committing to Louisville


I’ve said many times on this site that absolutely nothing surprises me when it comes to recruiting. I like to think I’ve paid close enough attention to both football and basketball recruiting for several years that I have generally seen it all. And especially after the Marquis Teague recruitment, I definitely did not think I would ever again utter the phrase, “Wow, didn’t see that coming”, which I’m pretty sure I said about 476 times during that ordeal.

Well, I was wrong.

The latest incident is courtesy of Louisville Seneca defensive tackle Tyrone Pearson who has decommitted from UofL only a week after publicly committing to the Cardinals. For those who weren’t aware, Pearson announced his intentions to commit to UofL last Friday, but the Cards did not accept his commitment until Pearson was able to meet with the coaching staff, specifically head coach Charlie Strong. At the time, Pearson was considered extremely firm in his commitment.

However, circumstances have obviously changed. In an interview with Kentucky Preps’ Brian Eldridge, Tyrone said, “I just want to give other schools a chance.”

He also added, “Louisville is still number 1 on my list.”

The reason I say this news caught me off guard is because of the way his commitment came about. He publicly announced his intentions via his personal Facebook page, but before his commitment was accepted, he met with the UofL coaching staff, presumably to make sure he was certain of his decision. That lasted about a week.

For the record, I don’t blame kids when they decommit. It’s an extremely important decision. If a kid is not sure of his choice and thinks he needs to look elsewhere, go ahead. I have no problem with it all. It just seems to me if you made the choice to make your intentions public, and you essentially broke the news yourself because you announced via your Facebook page, you would not change your mind in only seven days.

But that’s just me, maybe I’m the odd one.

In any event, this is normally the part where I say we will continue to follow this and provide any updates when available, but I won’t be doing that. This has the feel of an up and down, roller coaster type of recruitment that will go on for some time and quite frankly, I just don’t feel like it.

Yeah, I played that card. I don’t care. We’ve got a loooong way until 2012 Signing Day and I refuse to get caught up in a specific recruitment in March of 2011.


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