Tyrone Mims’ Autopsy Report


The Charleston County Coroner's office has ruled MMA fighter Tyrone Mims' death as undetermined after a complete forensic autopsy was done. Mims died three months ago following a fight. During the autopsy toxicology and genetic testing took place which showed nothing in the fighter's system or any family medical problems present.

"At this point in time, we have exhausted all that we know to do," said Coroner Rae Wooten to MMA Junkie.

Mims stopped breathing following his first armature fight on August 11 from South Carolina. He died an hour after the fight at a local hospital. Witness accounts reported that Mims took Percocet before the fight, but the coroner couldn't confirm that.

"We heard that, and we went back and did all kinds of extra testing and we weren't able to identify that," said Wooten.

Mims submitted a blood test before the fight and was looked over after it concluded.

"There's just nothing here that explains his death," said Wooten. "It's also important to note that based on what I've seen, I don't know anything that might have been predictive of his death. Granted, I only get to look at the side I get to look at, which is post-mortem. But it's my understanding that he was in good health and he was well-screened."

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