Tyron Smith’s Family is Reportedly Harassing Him over Money


Generally speaking, family is supposed to be the one group of people that big time, high dollar athletes can turn to when they hit the pros. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be the case for Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman, Tyron Smith.

According to ESPN, Smith was forced to call 911 recently when family members showed up at his North Dallas home and harassed him “in the pursuit of collecting financial gain." The same report notes that this wasn’t the first time Smith found himself under this sort of duress. Apparently, despite the fact that he gave them a ‘large’ sum of money after he was signed to a $12.5 million contract by the Cowboys, his family members have continuously plugged away at him in search of more.

Earlier this year, Smith filed a protective order against his mother and stepfather over this matter. Furthermore, he also reportedly instructed his siblings that they are not allowed to communicate with him on their parents’ behalf.

During this year's training camp, security had to be brought in to remove one of his family members from the Cowboys’ practice facility after they refused to leave on their own.  Smith’s attorneys, Royce West and John Schorsch, seemed to acknowledge this tidbit (via ESPN):

"Lesser means were tried and they weren't successful," Schorsch said. "You can use your own imagination as to what it took for a guy that big and that imposing to be that worried."

For what it's worth, Smith refused to comment on the matter when asked about it at practice. Make of that what you will.

(Kudos ESPN)

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