Tyrann Mathieu aka Honey Badger Won’t Announce Transfer, Might Stay at LSU

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Do you recall how emphatic Les Miles was last week regarding Tyrann Mathieu never playing for the LSU Tigers again?

Remember how ardently he stated that “he will not be back,” despite some wondering whether perhaps there would be a spot for Honey Badger on next year’s squad?

Yeah, well, apparently Miles has changed his mind on that over the past few days. Here is what he had to say on the topic of his recently booted corner after Tuesday’s practice (via the Boston Herald):

“Tyrann can be a student at LSU,” Miles said after practice, adding that he is “not in any way speculating” about whether Mathieu could conceivably play for the Tigers again. “He will not be on this football team this year — I guarantee that’s a fact. So I have no idea beyond that.”

So LSU’s flip-flopping head coach opened the door for a potential Honey Badger return, but what about everybody else who rejected the notion of him ever playing for the team again? You know, people like compliance officer, Bo Bahnsen.

Bahnsen said this in an interview USA Today recently: "He's permanently ineligible to play football at LSU. That's definite. That's what was said Friday."

Case closed then, right? I mean, it would have to be given how strong that stand was.

Yeah, not exactly.

According to SB Nation’s Matt Verderame, LSU has denied at least two schools who were reportedly interested in Mathieu’s services permission to speak to him. And then there was this:

Tyrann Mathieu's family says in statement they they are "taking the time to heal." They do not expect football announcement Wednesday.

— Joe Schad (@schadjoe) August 14, 2012

Why wouldn’t Honey Badger transfer ASAP unless he felt like maybe there was a possibility that he could stay at LSU?

We’ll obviously have to wait and see what happens with this mess, but, it definitely feels and sounds a lot more complicated today than it did yesterday.

Stay tuned.

(Kudos Boston Herald, SB Nation, USA Today)

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