2 Women Charged in Packers, Underwood Case


You may remember last June that two women accused Green Bay Packers DB Brandon Underwood of sexual assault. Several Packers players were at a cabin hanging out after a golf outing, and these two broads apparently came back to the cabin for what they probably thought was a friendly game of Cribbage. Nope, they were wrong. The dudes wanted to bang it out.

And bang it out they did. The only questions were: A. Was it consensual? and B. Was anyone paid?

We’re starting to get the answers. Underwood pled no-contest earlier this month to charges of soliciting a prostitute. He was charged $379. There were six Packers involved (quarterback Matt Flynn; offensive lineman Josh Sitton; fullback Korey Hall; linebackers Brad Jones and Clay Matthews; and former Packer Khalil Jones), but they all have been cleared of any wrong doing.

And it would seem now as though the incident was consensual, because these two women, Kesha Cureton and Tynecha Lipsco (yes, I copied and pasted those names), are now being charged with prostitution.

According to the police report, these two were dancing at a local strip club and came back to the Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort on Lake Delton with one or more Packers players. Underwood had said that he paid them and then kicked them out when he found them trying to steal stuff. You wouldn’t expect such behavior from such upstanding, moral strippers.

But, it’s good to know that these two didn’t get away with their rape accusations. As far as OTR is concerned, they should do the same amount of time as a real rapist. You don’t play around with that stuff.


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