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TV Station Interrupts Winning Golf Putt For Weather Report (Video)

Golfer Jim Furyk was about to sink the winning putt at the Heritage Classic in Hilton Head, South Carolina, on April 19 when WTOC in Savannah, Georgia, suddenly cut away for a weather update.

WTOC meteorologist Dave Turley told viewers there were no tornado watches or advisories in the area, which had experienced some rough weather earlier, noted (video below).

In response, golf fans unloaded their fury on WTOC's Facebook page:

"Way to go WTOC. You cut in on the winning putt for the Heritage Golf Tournament so you could remind everyone you are the first to report... the end of the weather pattern... Clueless... or maybe some idiot producer figured everyone would be watching at that precise moment. What a small town operation. Look at me! Look at me!!! Rookies."

"Nice call on the breaking news to let us know that the storm passed. Who made that call? Did you bring Cathcart back? Large failure, big fail. Did Turley's common sense leave with his hair? Bozo network."

"EPIC FAIL! Will be changing the channel for my local news. Unbelievable. Hope u apologize and show replay."

"Who's pulling the strings at WTOC? Why would you go from Jim Furyk about to make the winning put at the Heritage-PGA golf tournament,to go to a weather alert, with Dave Turley, telling us the weather was clearing up. Like we're all too stupid to realize that. Of course any idiot could simply look out the window. Meanwhile back at the Heritage, Jim Furyk is making the winning putt. I mean really guys, you couldn't wait 10 seconds to put the weather alert on the air. What a Hiedi moment! Come on man! Like I say 'it ain't gotta make sense.'"

Fortunately, the PGA Tour's Twitter page did post the winning putt online.

Sources: Facebook,, Twitter
Image Credit: WTOC Screenshot


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