Better TV: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Due to the Minnesota Twins failing to win any games against the New York Yankees, Philadelphia sports fans throughout this beautiful nation will have to decide which of their teams will be televised in their household.  Will it be Game 3 of the NLDS (8:07pm EST), featuring the Philadelphia Phillies and Cole Hamels vs the Cincinnati Reds?  Or will it be Sunday Night Football (8:20pm EST) presenting the Philadelphia Eagles and Kevin Kolb vs the San Francisco 49ers?

There’s an easy solution to this problem.  Run a cable cord from your living room to your family room and set up two televisions and swapping the sound from game to game pending on who is on offense.  But for the sake of arguing about which game should be the featured game, let’s break it down using simple calculus and physics.

Importance of the game

The playoff game is the most important.  Not so fast, Speedy Claxton.  The Phillies have a comfortable 2-0 series lead with Roy Halladay going in Game 4.  Stranger things have happened, but I’ll put my weekly allowance on the Phillies being able to win one of the next two games.  As for the Eagles, this is a must-win game.  If you haven’t been watching, the NFC this year is wide open.  Nobody is killing it.  Minnesota, Green Bay, and Dallas don’t necessarily look like Super Bowl teams right now.  I’m not saying the Eagles do either, but with a healthy Mike Vick, who knows?  3-2 looks a whole lot better than 2-3.  The Eagles need this game more than the Phillies.  Edge:  Philadelphia Eagles

Commentators and Channel

TBS is awful.  Why can’t they just hire Gus Johnson and let him get unbelievably excited every time Cole Hamels throws a strike.  “Sttteeeeeee-RIKE one!  WOW!  Right down the pipe.  Coooole HAMELS.  WOW.”  Nope, we get a couple monotone announcers who seem to be folding their laundry as they let the Fast Track feature call the game for them.  As for NBC’s Sunday Night Football…well…Chris Collinsworth.  Need I say more?  Edge:  Philadelphia Eagles

Viewing pleasure

Kevin Kolb vs the 0-4 49ers?  Yuck.  If you’re going to watch the Eagles game, you’re going to have to sit throw an ugly, boring game.  Check down to Owen Schmitt for 2 yards.  Sack.  Overthrown pass to a wide open Desean Jackson.  Punt.  At least the Phillies game will have that post-season excitement, even if it is a low-scoring game.  I’d rather watch a 3-0 Phillies game than a 3-0 Eagles game.  Edge:  Philadelphia Phillies

Which team deserves the attention more

All the Philadelphia Eagles seem to do is piss off their fans.  Horrible clock management, Jason Peters, inconsistent play, Jason Peters, arrogance, penalties, Kolb-Vick…Vick-Kolb, Andy Reid’s play-calling, Andy Reid’s game-planning and let’s not forget Jason Peters.  Year after year, the Phillies get it done.  They battle through injuries, they win when they need to, and they have a roster full of first-class guys, including a manager who everyone respects.  This is a no-brainer.  Edge:  Philadelphia Phillies


I’m not sure if the Philadelphia Eagles have any intangibles, so by default…Edge:  Philadelphia Phillies

In all reality, the Eagles aren’t going anywhere this year and the maturation process of Kevin Kolb has reached it’s peak, so why waste your time watching a game that most likely doesn’t mean anything when the Philadelphia Phillies are making a magical run to their third straight World Series appearance.  Winner:  Philadelphia Phillies


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