Tucson Police Pepper Spray Hundreds Of Arizona Fans After NCAA Loss (Video)


Tucson police shot pepper spray at hundreds of fans after the University of Arizona NCAA game Saturday, when the rowdy crowd took the streets throwing firecrackers and beer bottles over the team’s overtime loss to Wisconsin.

Crowds left bars and restaurants near the UA campus, spilling onto University Boulevard and refusing to leave, according to Sgt. Pete Dugan.

Police arrived with helmets, batons and facemasks urging the crowd over a PA system to disperse, calling it unlawful assembly.

Fans began tossing beer cans, bottles, and even firecrackers at police officers and vehicles.

Those who advanced on officers were arrested.

No injuries were reported. The crowd was cleared by late Saturday night.

Fifteen people were arrested for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and unlawful assembly. Fourteen of them were released, and one was sent to Pima County Jail, The Associated Press reported.

David Kitaeff, a witness, said the crowd was jolly initially, taking photographs. Then the atmosphere changed and “people got in cops’ faces.”

Wisconsin won the West Region final in Anaheim, Calif., Saturday 64-63.

Sources: ABC News, NBC News


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