Remember When Isiah Thomas Picked Stephon Marbury Over Kurt Thomas?


With Alan Hahn and others hinting that fan favorite Kurt Thomas may be finding his back to the Garden, it’s a good moment to revisit some Knicks’ history.

Kurt Thomas was a consummate 90′s Knick. Maybe the last one. A tough, gritty, knock-you-on-your-ass, pull-the-chair post defender with a deadly jumper from 15-feet out. He’s now 39 and the oldest player in the NBA. He shouldn’t have ever left the Knicks, but he did.

After a Knicks win over the Cavs in 2004, Thomas and Stephon Marbury mixed it up in the locker room. Team president Isiah Thomas reportedly tried to mediate, exclaiming, “I’m not trading you and I’m not trading you, so what do you want me to do?”

Of course, the following off-season Isiah did trade Kurt to the Suns for Quentin Richardson and the draft rights to Nate Robinson, two players who could not have been more useless to the squad. Of course, Q-Rich also almost came to blows with Steph, who had control of the franchise as a result of Isiah ceding it the “superstar”.

So, not surprisingly, Isiah lied when he told both Steph and Crazy Eyes that neither player would be traded. Unfortunately for the Knicks and their fans, Isiah traded the wrong guy.

Let’s hope Kurt returns to the Knicks and keeps the current cycle of good karma rolling.


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