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Troy Aikman’s Ex-Wife, Rhonda, Arrested for Allegedly Being Drunk in a School Parking Lot

Troy Aikman’s ex-wife, Rhonda, is probably a very nice person. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make her latest alleged deed any less embarrassing.

Per TMZ, Aikman was discovered in a high school parking lot on Monday sitting in her car, seeming out of it, and with a "smell a strong odor of alcohol emitting from the vehicle."

For what it’s worth, the engine was turned off.

When the cops asked her to step out, she apparently “fumbled” to open the door. Even though she maintained that she wasn’t drunk, her refusal to step out of the car left officers with no choice but to “forcefully” remove her.

Upon inspection of her ride, cops found “2 water bottles half filled with a yellow liquid that was cold and smelled like alcohol” and “a bottle of Colozapam ... a prescription drug commonly used to treat seizures and panic disorders.”

Ultimately she was arrested and charged with public intoxication.

(Kudos TMZ)

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