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Philadelphia Eagles Bring in Trotter to Control Asante Samuel?

A lot of heads were scratched when the Philadelphia Eagles brought back LB Jeremiah Trotter last year to play middle linebacker. Yes, the Eagles were decimated with injuries in that area, but Trotter? Really? He has bad knees and can’t run very well anymore.

Well, we spoke with a source close to the situation who said that Trotter was really brought back in to keep CB Asante Samuel under control. According to our source, Asante really started to do what he wanted when the Eagles lost Jim Johnson and Brian Dawkins.

The source tells us that Asante has been disrespectful to the coaches in meetings and has a penchant for falling asleep in them as well.

“I doubt he’s on the opening day roster,” the source said. “If they could trade him today they would. Even look at those Dallas games [at the end of the year]. He was doing what he wanted. If the call was for press coverage, he was 10 yards off the ball.”

Wow. Samuel just signed a $60 million contract in 2008 and now it seems the Eagles are already tired of his act. We don’t know how much having Trotter around helped, but he doesn’t bring much to the football field at this point so he must have been bringing something to the locker room.


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