Travis Wiuff Explains the Key to Cutting Weight: "It's Mostly Running"

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Travis Wiuff (68-14-1 NC) is no stranger to switching between the light heavyweight and heavyweight class.

To help make makes these transitions smoothly he says he works out four or five times a day to focus on his cardio.

"For me, it's mostly running," said Wiuff. "For getting the weight down, I do some long distance stuff and when I say 'long-distance' I mean about four miles. I do a lot of intervals on the treadmill; I like to run up a lot of hills. For me it's just about changing it up when it comes to running. That's what works for me. I've been doing that stuff since I started wrestling at five-years-old."

Wiuff admits that cutting the weight has become a bit of a challenge.

"This last fight in Bellator against Chris Davis was the hardest it has ever been to get down to weight," said Wiuff. "I did a few things different and miscalculated. When I woke up, I was ten pounds over. I put [all my clothes] on and was on the treadmill for about an hour and a half. I like to stay out of the sauna and steam room as much as possible. I've done that kind of formula in the past and it's usually been really accurate and for some reason, this time, it was the worst cut I've ever had. I was still three pounds over. I did the last three pounds in the sauna and had no energy. We had to pull off some extreme measures."

Wiuff is currently on a six fight win streak and will challenge Attila Vegh (27-4-2) at Bellator 73 in the finals of the light heavyweight tournament.

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