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NBA Trade Deadline Watch: Who Should Rockets Get?

With the trade deadline approaching this month, we will be analyzing which players would be a good fit in the Adelman system.  As much as I wanted to write about Kevin Love here, the Rockets don’t need another undersized forward (listed at 6-10).  But who doesn’t love how Love plays? He reminds me of a bigger Chuck Hayes on the defensive end and has dominated this season for me in Fantasy.  

That being said, I don’t know how much he could help the Rockets where they need it the most, an interior presence.  Love would be great on the offensive end, a big who has range works great in Adelman’s system and KL certainly has range.  He is shooting 44.5% from the three point line…that is better then ANYONE ON THE ROCKETS TEAM, and he is a power forward for crying out loud! 

What Love has done this year has been incredible.  In his last game v the Rockets, Love led his team in Pts (24), Reb (17) and Ast (7). It’s the 2nd time in his career that he’s led or tied the team in Pts, Reb, & Ast in a single game (the other was Jan 5 vs Bobcats). Love also extended his double-double streak to 33 straight games. Over the last 25 seasons, that’s the 3rd longest streak behind Kevin Garnett and John Stockton (each had 37).

Most Consecutive Double-Doubles Last 25 NBA Seasons

From Elias Sports Bureau

Season(s) Team

Kevin Garnett   37    2005-07   MIN

John Stockton   37    1988-90   UTAH

Kevin Love        33  < 2010-11   MIN

Charles Barkley 28   1986-87   PHI

Blake Griffin      27    2010-11   LAC

< Active Streak

Love’s greatest asset is his ability to rebound.  The thing about the Rockets is they rebound surprisingly well.  Though undersized, they rank eighth in the NBA in total rebounds per game at 42.5.  However, watching the team play defense this season has been like watching Snooki trying to pick up guys…disturbing to the point where I want to gouge my eyes out.

To upgrade their interior presence, I think Marc Gasol would be a great addition.  Grabbing seven boards a game and recording nearly two blocks a game, Gasol is an up and coming talent on a Memphis team who has gotten rid of great talent in the past for cheap (Hello Kyle Lowry!).  In only his third season, Gasol would provide the Rockets youth and most importantly minutes.  He has played 199 out of a possible 213 games in three years, providing something the Rockets haven’t seen in years…stability at the Center position.  He has also shot over 50% in each year he has been in the league.  Gasol isn’t flashy like Scola, but I think the two players would complement each other nicely.

When I think of players I would like to see the Rockets go after at the trade deadline, I also take into account who they would have to give up.  Is it worth it making a big offer to Denver to rent Carmelo for half a year?  For a superstar like Melo, I have heard various offers but the Rockets would most likely have to give up Yao’s expiring contract (partially paid by insurance), multiple draft picks, Shane Battier, a young power forward (either Patterson or Hill), and Jefferies’ expiring contract.  I wouldn’t be devastated if this happened, but whether you like him or not Shane is the heart and soul of this team.  Trading him would be trading the vocal leader and best defender on this team (but the Chuckwagon is a close 2nd), and I don’t see Carmelo stepping in and getting this Houston squad pumped up before each game.  Gasol comes at a much cheaper price, and even if they can snag Melo, it still doesn’t solve the defensive struggles. 

In fact it would create more issues swapping Melo who often takes plays off for Battier who is one of the premier defenders in the league.   Also, I am curious to see what kind of chants the rowdies would come up for Gasol…


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