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Tracy McGrady to Leave China Over Officiating Spat?

Every single time an NBA player (current or former) attempts to play in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), hilarity inevitably ensues. Tracy McGrady, who is spending his first season ever overseas this year, is keeping the trend alive.

This week, McGrady was involved in an admittedly horribly officiated outing between Qingdao and Bayi. At the end of the game the referees involved missed the fact that a shot clock expired during a crucial Bayi possession, and essentially paved the way for a clutch three that absolutely killed McGrady’s club. In protest, Qingdao’s coach pulled his players off the court.

If you have some time to spare, here is the entire incident, in its uninterrupted, completely embarrassing glory:

After the game, McGrady took to Twitter to vent:

Tracy McGrady calls Chinese refs "3 blind mice" via his Weibo account, threatens to leave

— Alexander Chernykh (@chernykh) January 10, 2013

For his troubles, McGrady earned a fine of less than $2,000 American dollars and a one-game suspension. All things considered, though, he got off relatively lightly.

The head referee from the outing got suspended 10 games; his assistants got suspended five games apiece; Qingdao was fined 100,000 yuan for its act of protest; an employee who violently fipped over the scorer’s table was suspended for five games and fined 30,000 yuan.

Needless to say, it wasn’t the CBA’s (or T-Mac’s) finest moment.

When it is all said and done, though, there is no way McGrady heads home. Obviously he wants to continue playing basketball, and there is absolutely no room for him anywhere in the NBA. When the ancient New York Knicks determine you are too old for them – you are officially too old.

(Kudos Beijing Cream)

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