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Track Star Falls Near The End Of A Race, But What She Does Next Will Inspire You (Video)

In 2008, track star Heather Dorniden was running a race in Minnesota when she unfortunately fell flat on her face right in the final stretch. Amazingly, what the seasoned athlete went on to do is unbelievable and has gone on to inspire people all over the world.

During the 600-meter race, Dorniden was neck and neck with the three other competitors from the start. She was running in the Big Ten Indoor Championships and was determined to win as her family and friends looked on. Right before starting the last lap, however, Dorniden accidentally tripped and fell flat on her face, and it appeared as though her chances of winning were slim to none.

Amazingly, Dorniden got right back up and, even more determined than ever, she started on a sprint. This was the last 200 meters of the race, and even though she was at least 30 meters behind the other runners, she pushed as hard as she could. In what can only be described as miraculous, Dorniden quickly caught up with her competitors and, in the very last second of the race, wound up winning the entire thing.

Nowadays, Dorniden is running for Team USA Minnesota and is a nine-time All American champion, but her 2008 feat will go surely go down in history as one of the most inspirational stories of strength and determination. Check out the incredible footage below.

Sources: Distractify, Athleted


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