Tour De France Riders Fed Up With People Blocking The Road For Selfies


The evil phenomenon known as the selfie continues to ruin good things across the world.

Cyclists competing in the Tour de France are complaining this week about spectators interfering with the race as they try to get as close as possible to take photos – often of themselves.

Here’s what Marcel Kittel, who won Saturday’s leg of the race, told the Telegraph about encroaching crowds at the race.

“Some spectators were in the middle of the road taking pictures,” Kittel said. “Then there is the classic one where they are all in the road and when the peloton comes they move off but they leave grandma in the wheelchair still there. We are very happy to have them and it was an amazing crowd today but they have to take care to stay off the road.”

Luxembourg cyclist and 2010 Tour de France winner Andy Schleck had to pull out of the race after a fellow racer crashed into him while trying to avoid someone taking a picture in the road.

On Sunday, another roadside photographer got bulldozed by a rider after standing in the middle of his lane. Check this out:

Then there are fans bragging about how close they’re getting to riders while taking selfies, like these people:

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Cyclist Geraint Thomas called seflie takers the “worst thing” about the Tour’s crowd this year.

“The worst thing is when people have got their back to the peloton taking selfies,” he said. “There were a few. They don’t see us coming, they’re stood in the road and it’s dodgy. If you want to do that, stand on a wall or something.”

Perhaps no one summed up the Tour’s selfie problem better that American rider Tejay van Garderen. He called the trend a “dangerous mix of vanity and stupidity.”

“Standing in the middle of the road with your back turned while 200 cyclists come at you, just to take a selfie. #think,” he tweeted.


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