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Totally Worthless Green Bay Packers Stock Now Available with Misspellings

Remember that completely worthless stock that the Green Bay Packers were peddling for $250 a pop? Well they ended up moving about 250,000 total shares since December when they first realized what a great scam this was.

Good news, by the way, additional shares are available.

But the shares that will be sold aren’t what we’re talking about today. Rather, the topic of discussion for today is the shares that already have been sold.

Like this one:

Do you see the problem? Besides the fact that this guy (or girl) spent at least $250 on a worthless piece of paper, I mean.

All of the certificates that get sent out should say “Green Bay Packers, Inc.” on top of the page. Unfortunately, this one is special. This one says, “Green Boy Packers, Inc."

Honest mistake, of course. Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that this may hurt the resale value of that share. Wrong. None of these shares -- that cost $250 to buy -- can be resold so, really, it doesn’t matter what the certificate says.

On the bright side, this unfortunate Packers investor now has a collector’s item on their hands. The actual value of Packers stock is about three cents. This one is worth at least a dime.

(Kudos to Sports Illustrated for the photo and the find)

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