Top NFL Wide Receiver Free Agents to Watch


Sidney Rice, WR: lack of playing time and injuries hurt his stock. However, with his 2009 performance being so good many executives will overlook his injury plagued 2010 season. At 24 years old and with skills to boot he may be the #2 WR on the market this year. Baltimore Ravens anyone?

Vincent Jackson, WR: will be paid handsomely for his services. Despite a 2010 plagued with suspensions, holdouts, and general lack of playing time, the 6’5 red zone beast will likely demand several suitors.  We see Jackson in Chicago as Cutler’s go to guy in the red zone.

Santonio Holmes, WR: Holmes is a playmaker when it matters most. The stand Ohio State alumnus made an immediate impact with the Jets after returning from a suspension and being traded from the Steelers in 2010. Despite previous off the field issues Holmes is this years #1 WR free agent and will likely demand top dollar. All indications are the Jets will resign him, as Sanchez is simply better with Holmes on the field. However, Golic of ESPN has repeatedly mentioned the Washington Redskins as Holmes likely destination. Today, July 25th, Greenberg has insinuated four times since 10 AM EST that the Redskins are going to shower Holmes with money. I’m not an insider but with no QB to mention in DC we think Holmes sticks with the Jets even if it’s for less money.

Braylon Edwards, WR: Speaking of the New York Jets, Braylon Edwards is also a pending free agent.  Holmes is clearly the favorite to be resigned so Braylon may actually be the more realistic free agent to target. With Rice and Jackson on the market Braylon isn’t in the upper echelon of available talent but surely he’ll garner attention over the older receivers and recently released convicts?  Braylon has a rep of dropping passes but he did produce 904 yard and seven touchdowns in 2010.  The Patriots may overlook his inconsistencies if he’s willing to drop his asking price?

Santana Moss, WR: Moss had the standard contract year performance. That is, he performed at a level above what we’ve been accustom to during a year in which is contract is up for renewal.  The question is, can he repeat his 2010 performance. Despite leading the lead in forced missed tackles (13), Moss will surely move on in the Redskins sign Santonio Holmes. The Tennessee Titans will need WR help with Kenny Britt likely being suspended for off the field behavior.

Lance Moore, WR: excels at finding space over the middle, exploiting gaps in zone defenses and creating mismatch problems. He is an extremely reliable receiver who quickly becomes a QB favorite. The Saints will likely resign the reliable slot receiver but don’t be surprised if the Vikings try to pry him away if Rice doesn’t resign. Moore could also be a fit with the Chargers should they fail to resign Malcolm Floyd.

Malcolm Floyd, WR: I personally think Floyd is a product of an amazing Quarterback. That’s right! I think Phillip Rivers and the absence of Vincent Jackson is the only reason Floyd had seven touchdowns in 2010. Simply put, Rivers only other option was the triple defended tight end Antonio Gates. With that said, Malcolm is a fool if he leaves San Diego and we don’t he will.


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