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Top Atlanta Falcons Players in 2012: Roddy White

We have come to an end in our countdown taking a look at the best players on the 2012 Atlanta Falcons roster. So far we've featured Tyson Clabo (#10), Michael Turner (#9), Asante Samuel (#8), Tony Gonzalez (#7), Brent Grimes (#6), Julio Jones (#5), Sean Weatherspoon (#4), John Abraham (#3) and Matt Ryan (#2). The final man on the list represents one of the most outgoing guys on the team and one of the most consistent on the field.

In his first two seasons Roddy caught 59 passes and 3 TDs. Many around the Falcons fanbase were thinking that he wouldn't make it big. In 2007, Roddy had a breakout year with 83 receptions, over 1,000 yards receiving and 6 TDs. Ever since then, Roddy has been one of the best receivers in the league and over the past two years he's had at least 100 receptions and over the last five years he's had at least 1,000 yards rushing. Roddy White is our cumulative vote for the best player on the 2012 Atlanta Falcons roster. Here's what the guys had to say about him:

Eric: The heart of this team. Not only will he speak his mind, and make the plays on offense, but he has made 2 plays - both against San Francisco to flip turnovers back in the Falcons favor. That may not seem like it should matter, but when I try to think of another Top-5-at-his-position WR who would chase down a defender instead of lambasting his QB for not throwing a better ball, I can't find one. He's key to Matt Ryan's success and Julio Jones' success as well. Other than Tony Gonzalez - he's the only Falcon who is unequivocally a Top 5 player at his position.

Joe: One of the Falcons’ most consistent play-makers. White lacks the overall athleticism of Jones, Douglas and Rogers but not the ability to make plays; great at extending drives and in red zone scoring.

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Matt: Roddy does not really need a description, as he has had over 1,150 yards every season since Jim Mora Jr. was here.  I hope he can improve a bit under a new offensive coordinator, but would remain an easy top-5 wide receiver even if he repeated his 2011 performance.

Mike: Roddy may have had his troubles last year, but he is still one of the most productive wide outs in the NFL.

Zach: During Roddy White's time in Atlanta only two people have created more controversy than him. Those two would be Bobby Petrino and Michael Vick. Roddy likes to speak his mind, he also loves to embarrass secondaries on Sundays. Roddy has had a 1000 yard season every season since 2007. During that tenure he's made 4 Pro-bowls and one All-Pro team. He's also broken the single season reception record in franchise history. Without a doubt Roddy is the best WR that the Falcons have ever had, well at least for the next couple of years.

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