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Top Atlanta Falcons Players in 2012: Brent Grimes

We've caught listmania from the rest of the NFL and we are counting down the best Atlanta Falcons on the 2012 roster. So far we've featured Tyson Clabo (#10), Michael Turner (#9), Asante Samuel (#8) and Tony Gonzalez (#7). Now it's time to talk about the man who received the franchise tag this year.

Brent Grimes is a great success story. He was undrafted out of Shippensburg University in 2006 and worked his way into a Pro Bowl berth in 2010. Grimes really developed into a play-maker in 2009 and from 2009 to 2010 he had 11 interceptions. Despite being banged up last year, Grimes still places highly on our list as he looks to help the Falcons, along with Asante Samuel, William Moore, Thomas DeCoud and Dunta Robinson, take their secondary to the next level in 2012. Here is what the guys had to say about Grimey:

Eric: The best pure athlete on defense. Speed, leaping ability, and fearless in the face of men he's half a foot shorter than. I couldn't have been happier when they franchised him. Now - about re-negotiating and freeing up cap space...

Joe: Consistently one of the Falcons’ best playmakers and in the top five of NFL overachievers. Grimes plays at a level far beyond his “measurables” using a skill set that is grossly under-appreciated by many.

Matt: Grimes had a down year, thanks in part to injury. However, I have been a huge fan since watching his fantastic coverage back in 2007. Grimes should easily out-perform his 2011 campaign, especially with the addition Asante Samuel, hopefully turning in a Pro Bowl worthy season.

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Mike: Grimes is a ball hawk and a play maker. Now that Asante is joining the crew, he wont be the only one expected to make plays.

Zach: Grimes, much like Tyson Clabo, went from UDFA to star during his tenure in Atlanta. So far Grimes has shutdown the best WRs that he has gone up against, and has been a solid run stopper. Grimes exceptional leaping ability really restricts the jump ball being thrown towards him in the red zone.

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